Mithali Raj & Indian Women Cricket Team – A salute!

Who has not been impressed enough with the recent show of our ladies in the Cricket World Cup 2017 with their gallant march to the Finals by taking one world class team after the other down!

They took everyone by surprise with the inexperience in their team & played excellent knocks of 100s & taking multiple 5 wickets especially by Spinners. Indian team looked inspired, motivated & FRESH! They were wanting to go for the Kill & looking to WIN all the time.

Words fail me to impress Mithali Raj who has become a role model for me for sure with her cool headed & non interfering approach, solid knocks & smiling yet confident personality. Her body language exuberates Modesty, Dignity, Mental Strength, Defyness, Eagerness to prove all wrong against all odds.
Her story has impressed me & am sure so are the stories of 14 other girls who have come against various odds in their lives to perform at the big arena & become a world class player! Its not easy & everyone should know that.

In India, women sports is not really looked upon as a career option after so many years of Independence, Education. Though things have changed & we have had some national heroes like Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Sindhu, PT Usha, Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik recently. But we are nowhere when compared to West & our culture, mindset has to go a long way to change for things on ground to change. Money shall flow, management shall improve if we get more & more acceptance from Society & Families at grass root level.

Perhaps this is the reason why I am so heart-broken at Ladies not winning the Cup. Rest am sure they have done more than their best & have made us so so so Proud while giving us so many moments to cherish & cheer for! Am still rooting for Women IPL to start soon.

Heart goes out to Mithali & Jhulan – am hoping against hope that they will give next World Cup another chance for us as they still have a lot to offer.

Rest am sure, things will change for the better! Amen


I wish to be..

I wish to be a fewer words person…
Even if there are umpteen feelings, emotions rising inside…

I want to be balanced & serene & softer/mellower…
Even if any situation demands me to have reactions…

I want to be womanlike graceful & aesthetically class apart…
Even if people around me fail to appreciate it same time..

Wish to be far more travelled, exposed to different people/cultures,
Even if it takes far more effort & time to make plans & execute them..

I wish to be with People who let me be and at the same time inspire me to grow..
Even if it means exploring wide & waiting for right selection while being without one/few…

I wish to be self sufficient emotionally, financially, socially..& feel confident, assured about it..
Even if it means telling yourself to be strong every day,moment!

(Dedicated towards all the women in daily lives who achieve this consistently knowingly & KungFu Panda 3 which thought once again to have belief in all the goodness around)12799105_10153943476592731_8114143395436703172_n

Why I do Photography?!

My first stint with camera I remember is clicking as a kid with my Dad’s mirror-less Kodak camera with a roll inside from the age of 9. The reason was that it helped me grab a frame that would go down for eternity – as I had seen plenty of family albums with black & white images – weddings, picnics, festivals, new born kids in studios, old family patriarchs in their rocking chairs. However the ones that held my attention for longest and I considered closest were the candid images – with my dad/mom/dadi/baba,etc. looking carelessly or sometimes not even looking at the camera. Yet they came across as loveable people – that made me love them more.

Coming back to my stint with camera – though I started at age of 9 however I did not have much control over what I shot so I felt in a way I was not improving nor learning much. I did not continue it till I came in MBA course. Here as well I did not have a camera however I felt great almost high when I saw some great images of my batch-mates and that is how I came to know about DSLR – as late as 2010.

{Late it was given the international scenario however in India – the photograph enthusiasts had started owning one since 2007-08.}

All I remember is that the first thing I wanted to buy for myself after MBA from my own money, even more than good food & clothes, was a DSLR. I felt it would be my VENT for my creative energies, it would act as my correspondent for whatever good I had to share with the world apart from my professional career where not much was in my control. It would also be my friend when I travel, meet new people, look at things differently or just when I didn’t want to express anything. And voila, it has been the best friend & companion in the world so far. Words are not enough to thank it – the fact that I can go back and revisit all that we saw together & cherish memories or better find new facts while staring at a rare image makes everything more special about it.

I had to push myself to go and click every weekend in the beginning, even silly events, not so happening places, disinterested people but the importance was on building a routine, a group of self critics who push each other and in the process share some good stuff. However, that was just a beginning.

My real turning point came during April – June 2012 when I visited Cape Town and Kashmir, I saw my photography grow by leaps and bounds. Combined with a new zoom lens, beautiful landscapes, relaxed atmosphere I just delved and delved into clicking what I loved – landscapes, candid, street. The results for the first time surprised me and I knew I have something good to share with everyone else for sure.

Post that – it was Spiti that brought good from me, Delhi Archeological buildings, recently Kasol, Northeast/Northwest India and some product/candid/street shoots that I really enjoyed while exploring. Exposure to Steve Mccurry’s work makes me push more & more. Sadly 90% of other people I find in this space are simply either wannabes, non-inspiring, ill – informed about their talents and for some reason I have not been able to tell any of them honestly what I think about their work.

Why I still click – coz it has become an inseparable aspect of my life, it helps me capture something that connects my inside with the world outside and keep it for eternity, it helps me in expressing my feeling about my surroundings, interactions with people, my perspective in one frame without saying a word and perhaps also share with the world.

I wish & hope I get to cover every inch worth on the Earth & capture everything that connects with me by my camera-mushy!

Live by example – Dearest, Our Abdul Kalam

When I read, hear, think of bestest people like you – selfless, passionate, hard working, patriotic, great mind & human being my mind thinks what can I do to take your teachings forward.

Another thing I feel bad is when I see around me & find 99.99% people wasting their lives by worshipping screen idols, materialism more than true values and great idols like you.

Answer to both these questions is to conduct your life to live by example. Live your life in a way that others get forced to change their thoughts and ways. Do it as a sense of indifference with no expectations whatsoever, do it as you love to do it.

Coming to Mr. Abdul Kalam, you were no less than Buddha, Gandhi to us growing kids around you. It was us you wanted to touch and inspire with your words and work, I know that I will give everything I have to achieve that 101% to make India developed by 2020.

Thank you Sir Kalam!

Why will I miss Mahabharat!!

Firstly, I didn’t know I will miss the show so much..
I mean I always knew that it is going to end sometime around july-august, but I never knew that I will feel this VOID, this EMPTINESS, as if something very dear has been taken away from me..

It had become a sort of routine for me to come back home around 8-830, take a bath and get down with food in front of my idiot box..
Sometimes, I didn’t even use to pay complete attention to what is happening – coz I somehow knew the context and hence was aware of mostly what is going to happen.. still I used to wait for precap to tell what shall be the happening in next episode and then used to eagerly wait again for next day 🙂
Time after watching that episode used to be spent researching about the characters, events, some inspirational stories esp on Indiaforum website.. and some by bheegi were awesome!
I used to apply alot of thought in terms of relating their situations with mine.. coz I feel somewhere the purpose of retelling Mahabharat again n again is that only.. so the current generation can learn something new from it eveyrday..

Even the weekends were spent reading, discussing, watching previous episodes of Mahabharat..

This had been a routine since Early June for sure… and even time before that, I used to do it very frequently.. almost 50% of the time..

What I loved about this Mahabharat :
– the characters.. I can just go on and on about Krishna, Drauapdi and Arjun.. in that order.. they were marvelous! They gave so much matter for us to remember, take inspiration from, learn, put to practice..
I feel somewhere these characters I identify with the most.. I think I am mostly Arjun or Draupadi and those important moments – I become Krishna..
The actors who played them deserve the OSCAR and all the praise in this world..

– Their narration – where they always tried to show Good to be a better option, how everything that happened in every episode was eventually gonna lead to the War..
they only focussed on important events and kept the whole narration fast paced..
The Krishna seekh was like the best part.. what he used to speak,indicate meant everything for a person like me who gets lost easily..

– The dialogues – brilliant! Very simple and effective.. they explained every difficult situation in such a simple and brilliant way… i will always look forward to go back to them and learn more from them..

– Special effects, sets, eye for detail – Lovely!!

All I wanted were some more scenes of Arjun- Draupadi .. in my opinion they were the perfect couple..made for each other, destined to meet and take the generation forward by playing the greatest man and woman under the supervision of God himself Krishna..
Their greatest connection was no doubt devotedness to Krishna…but also the fact that they were quite similar in terms of their purpose of life – to establish Dharma and follow Krishna’s word to T..
Plus, both loved each other from the first time they set eyes on each other, they both sacrificed alot, had alot of patience to adjust to the awkward situation they were in, were greatly responsible in keeping pandavs united and motivated..
Also, they understood each other best – it can be seen,heard, read that they didn’t have to express much and the other one understood perfectly well.. be it in jungles, agyaatvaas, indraprasth, during war – they seemed to be perfect partners and friends, always supportive and understanding of each other..

I was greatly desiring the convo between Draupadi and Satyabhama…and better if Arjun & Krishna would have pitched into it.. I loved that piece and feel it had alot to offer..

Shaheer & Pooja together – at least one nice offscreen pic would have done the trick for all Ardi fans like me..

But keeping the main objective in view – show was definitely one of the greatest ones made, in a way it was destined to be..with the writing in progress since 5 years, actors preparing for more than a year.. production sets of highest quality, every scene trying to be more beautiful.. all actors staying away from the city – in a small town of Umargaon! just focusing on their work, thinking more about their characters.. it had to be so great without doubt!

I loved it, am humbled and eternally thankful.. it will be interesting to see where I take this from here .. coz I would never like to forget it..
And to think I thought its a joke they are trying to do 😛 and I would hate it but Krishna won me over!

I think he’s the only God, I relate most with.. he has made sense for me at so many difficult times e.g. during childhood, during MBA days through IPLE course and now during my course of my job crisis..

Love, Love, love…

Happy Janmashtmi, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna !!starplus-mahabharat-promo



My thoughts on HIMYM ending..!

I remember watching it on 1st April and really liking it.. I loved the twists,turns, suspense, confusion but at the end making sure two people who truly loved each other in the deepest & most genuine, warm, friendliest, caring way got together..

Let me confess that I stopped watching HIMYM mid 5th season, reason being – one I didn’t have access to episodes, two it discontinued to surprise me with Robin shifting from Ted to Barney and Ted being confused about who is the one for him, Lily and Marshal being yawn (sorry!) and creators just not telling us who the mother was..

But the end was beautiful – not only it showed how well the Mother amalgamated in everybody’s life, but they showed how truly Ted loved and how well he deserved! Many feel Ted & Robin getting together at the end was an ouch moment but for me that was the jigsaw piece that completed the entire picture. You see Ted truly loved Robin in the best way a person can love another – selflessly, without expectations, wanting to do everything possible to make her happy without her knowing it, ready to sacrifice everything and anything but most importantly in the most passionate recurring fashion!
I am for some reason biggest fan/believer of recurring love/passion – I have always believed that something that your love is not something you hold on to but let it fly and let it come back to you.. I don’t believe that things/people you love always stick with you physically – they don’t cheat on you but they happen to move away or you happen to move away from them..but they come back in more than one obvious ways..
I like this kinda love for some reason..this is more believable & acceptable than the clinging & holding on types. 10155324_226095264264622_989681847_n

Now, that I am trying to get over my obsession with HIMYM over past few days or weeks – I decide to take my learnings :
1. I will always aim to be like Robin appearance wise.. I love such girls 🙂
2. I will always believe in being a true lover without much expectations..
3. Will always believe in my friends and be in touch with them..
4. Above all Love life and be optimistic about it always..

I wanna thank creators and the actors, crew for sticking to the original plan – however late it was.. it was totally meant to be like this and it was totally worth it..

There have been all kinda views I have heard, positive, negative, mixed.. and trust they all loved HIMYM but I think there have been some very brilliant opinions shared ..
I personally am a believer and have high faith in destiny and good Karma.. and I feel Ted was not failed by it – he got the best of everything – kids, happy marriage for a while and then girl of his dreams that he always went going back to..
Robin got her job,travel,fame, adventure plus she found the best person to end up with..
Marshal n Lily – they always got the perfect things 🙂
And as for Barney – I truly feel he was never the settling kinds just didn’t fit in the scheme of things – but it seemed nice he got an anchor in his daughter to have something really special in his life.. a wife/other girl could never hold him like that..

Am glad we got the ending it deserved and that also in a twisted, elongated tale – what I would have wanted more is bit more of Cristin (she was brilliant), a little more supportive evidences for the shift from mother to Robin and from Barney to Ted..
I think things got a little mixed up in between coz they didn’t know how many seasons will they take to wrap up! But as long as the heart and soul of the show was at right place – you can let the mind take its own course 🙂

Again thank you Robin,Ted,Barney,Marshal n Lily..and of course the MotherZLccfN5mOsw.. and creators,director,crew..
Very interesting storyline, amazing settings but the best part that it had a heart and a soul.. Thank you!

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