Though this could be complete duffah.. ! But still I feel it is important somewhere,somehow.. TedRobin..

Ted-Robin-ted-mosby-6880822-600-900 BkoEW2YCcAEuax_ tumblr_m46d3b2c241rnnem6o1_500Firstly..let me admit.. its stupid..
To get thoughts about your own life from a TV sitcom…a manipulated script, rehearsed lines, well thought out scenarios.. I mean no, why should you – your life is far too interesting and happening!

But I like taking the basic essence out of every situation – if its meant to be taken..
And in himym – I did find some things to take away..

  • Always be optimistic about life and friends who you truely love..
  • Never stop loving and trying to find your soulmate
  • Its nice at times to go to great lengths for someone you know you wanna see happy..though its ok to not get credit for it..
  • Always appear cool and do cool things – (The Gang esp barney takes the lead..)
  • Follow your heart and your dream..

Somehow, am not in a different space than Ted’s – I feel am honest, nice, clean hearted, love my friends n my family, always give my best in every relationship, am always seeking for that one, ready to sacrifice and take blame for my loved ones..
But still haven’t met the ONE!

I hope God hears and gives me one to end the suspense of my life’s HIMYM!



My thoughts on HIMYM ending..!

I remember watching it on 1st April and really liking it.. I loved the twists,turns, suspense, confusion but at the end making sure two people who truly loved each other in the deepest & most genuine, warm, friendliest, caring way got together..

Let me confess that I stopped watching HIMYM mid 5th season, reason being – one I didn’t have access to episodes, two it discontinued to surprise me with Robin shifting from Ted to Barney and Ted being confused about who is the one for him, Lily and Marshal being yawn (sorry!) and creators just not telling us who the mother was..

But the end was beautiful – not only it showed how well the Mother amalgamated in everybody’s life, but they showed how truly Ted loved and how well he deserved! Many feel Ted & Robin getting together at the end was an ‘ouch’ moment but for me that was the jigsaw piece that completed the entire picture.

You see Ted truly loved Robin in the best way a person can love another – selflessly, without expectations, wanting to do everything possible to make her happy without her knowing it, ready to sacrifice everything and anything but most importantly in the most passionate recurring fashion!
I am for some reason biggest fan/believer of recurring love/passion – I have always believed that something that your love is not something you hold on to but let it fly and let it come back to you.. I don’t believe that things/people you love always stick with you physically – they don’t cheat on you but they happen to move away or you happen to move away from them..but they come back in more than one obvious ways..

I like this kinda love for some reason..this is more believable & acceptable than the clinging & holding on types in today’s world10155324_226095264264622_989681847_n

Now, that I am trying to get over my obsession with HIMYM over past few days or weeks – I decide to take my learnings :
1. I will always aim to be like Robin appearance wise.. I love such girls 🙂
2. I will always believe in being a true lover without much expectations..
3. Will always believe in my friends and be in touch with them..
4. Above all Love life and be optimistic about it always..

I wanna thank creators and the actors, crew for sticking to the original plan – however late it was.. it was totally meant to be like this and it was totally worth it..

There have been all kinda views I have heard, positive, negative, mixed.. and trust they all loved HIMYM but I think there have been some very brilliant opinions shared ..

I personally am a believer and have high faith in destiny and good Karma.. and I feel

  • Ted was not failed by it – he got the best of everything – kids, happy marriage for a while and then girl of his dreams that he always went going back to..
  • Robin got her job,travel,fame, adventure plus she found the best person to end up with..
  • Marshal n Lily – they always got the perfect things 🙂
  • And as for Barney – I truly feel he was never the settling kinds just didn’t fit in the scheme of family/worldly stable things – but it seemed nice he got an anchor in his daughter to have something really special in his life.. a wife/other girl could never hold him like that..

Am glad we got the ending it deserved and that also in a twisted, elongated tale – what I would have wanted more is bit more of Cristin (she was brilliant), a little more supportive evidences for the shift from mother to Robin and from Barney to Ted..
I think things got a little mixed up in between coz they didn’t know how many seasons will they take to wrap up! But as long as the heart and soul of the show was at right place – you can let the mind take its own course 🙂

Again thank you Robin,Ted,Barney,Marshal n Lily..and of course the MotherZLccfN5mOsw.. and creators,director,crew..
Very interesting storyline, amazing settings but the best part that it had a heart and a soul.. Thank you!

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