Zingography : Tech/Product/UX/StartUp Update # 3

5 Key Design Principles : (As per Law of Continuation of UX)

  1. Similarity
  2. Consistency
  3. Proximity
  4. Uniformity
  5. Correctness/Authenticity

Also sharing some cool designs as its getting very Hot in Mumbai 🙂

As UX might seem simple to understand, its not at all easy to comprehend for implementation. One has to base answers on Marketing + Technology + Business & Creativity/Disruption/Innovation. Subjectivity can always be questioned & commented upon but a data & clear thought based approach cannot be rejected/neglected.

One should be able to gauge the trends & analysis patterns to suggest what changes need to be made! Be where the customers are or else customers will turn their fingers away from you very quickly!


How being PM suits me & Corporate vis a vis Body Functions!

I like being Honest – to myself & to world/people/situations/moments around me!

If there is one thing that I do not wish to change about me – it is my knack of being Honest & True to the moment I am in. As a professional, as a Young Person Learning, as a daughter staying away from her family to work in a Big City I feel this is my biggest strength, shield & weapon.

And so in the workspace also – I always choose to be close to what is actually happening in the field & market in consumer’s lives so I can help them make a better decision for their better quality of lives.
To my knowledge & experience – before one can become a CEO, the maximum impact one can make in other people’s lives via a corporate/workspace is by reaching out to them through a sales channel or by directly creating solutions which touch their lives for the better.

As a sales person, one is closest that one can get to market & channels & customers so your words, actions, behaviour really impact the market.
You are also the eyes, ears even nose 😉 for your company who cannot relax for a moment else the competition seeks in.

However, as a Product Manager – You are supposed to be more wholesome in your approach & use your Brains more along with hands, legs to make the right decision. You are supposed to feed all this information received by Sales Team into bettering your product offering to Go To Market with. You are supposed to be the Heart & Brain of your Organisation that never stops beating.

Have complete total respect for other functions as well – Strategy that is your Body Equilibrium ; Alliances which is like your Bones, Muscles that connects different organs together to make it work ; Branding & PR is your skin, voice ; Finance is your blood or Oxygen ; Technology is your BackBone ; Processes is your Nervous System ; Regulatory is like your Morals & Principals, HR is supposed to be your Social Factor to keep you light, happy.

Though, Heart & Brain is where my Heart is : Awesomely Happy to be PM 🙂

We kids of 90s and young working consumers of 2010s..

We, kids born in late eighties, were lucky to be born in an era where the economic independence was ushering in and hence we have seen the likes of McDonald’s, Dominoz coming into our lives when we kids used to bargain eating there with our parents.
More importantly we have luckily lived our lives before mobile phones and internet became irreplaceable items in our lives. We valued our family times,festivals, meals,gully cricket, once in a year visit to restaurant and movie theatre.
Summer vacation was about visiting our maternal grandparents home.

We were kids who are now in late 20s and hence growing into the main force of work as well as consumer force.
Our parents have been mostly govt officials and we have spent our lives with limited resources and small houses with verandah, gardens mostly govt quarters.

We have seen the struggle side of our & our parents’ lives yet we were decently provided for food, clothes,games and yet there was intense pressure on us to perform and do well in studies. Only way we could exceed in life and secure ourselves was through studies.

We also did that whatever best we could, as a result you see the big IT force being developed and now the startup force growing. We were expected to behave ourselves and work hard on all subjects, go through the grind. The topics of relaxation, laid back, take it easy, etc. were alien to us till we got our feet on the ground on our own. We were not given pocket money and were expected to come back home straight after school,college.

Today’s kids are so different, though they are smarter, sharper, more aware.. I feel they lack intent to exceed.

Time will tell more..

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