Its difficult to explain what’s THAT!


One more Mumbling Blog Basically but I love it as I get to see my jumbled thoughts in terms of sentences & then basically understand after a few days if its trash or sense!

It is most difficult for me to feel purposeless in Life – probably in reality am not, its just that my mind becomes so numb because of the nothingness (clouds) that I find am not able to see the clear picture.
Sometimes these clouds only help us in protecting against the harshness 🙂 however it is always preferred to face the Moment of Truth & work around it, grow & better – strive & win.

I hate being sidelined maybe its a childhood problem of always wanting attention, importance – Yeah that is what it is exactly.

Having said that – it makes a lot of sense + value to me to keep striving to be a better person everyday to keep moving in direction that I have always wanted to be. Some of the accelerators in this direction are : Right People, Good Books, Travel, Work Experience, Hobbies like Yoga, Growing + sharing with Family/Friends, Health Focus !

Wish to be able to keep my Mind around the Same Objectives!


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