Why I do Photography?!

My first stint with camera I remember is clicking as a kid with my Dad’s mirror-less Kodak camera with a roll inside from the age of 9. The reason was that it helped me grab a frame that would go down for eternity – as I had seen plenty of family albums with black & white images – weddings, picnics, festivals, new born kids in studios, old family patriarchs in their rocking chairs. However the ones that held my attention for longest and I considered closest were the candid images – with my dad/mom/dadi/baba,etc. looking carelessly or sometimes not even looking at the camera. Yet they came across as loveable people – that made me love them more.

Coming back to my stint with camera – though I started at age of 9 however I did not have much control over what I shot so I felt in a way I was not improving nor learning much. I did not continue it till I came in MBA course. Here as well I did not have a camera however I felt great almost high when I saw some great images of my batch-mates and that is how I came to know about DSLR – as late as 2010.

{Late it was given the international scenario however in India – the photograph enthusiasts had started owning one since 2007-08.}

All I remember is that the first thing I wanted to buy for myself after MBA from my own money, even more than good food & clothes, was a DSLR. I felt it would be my VENT for my creative energies, it would act as my correspondent for whatever good I had to share with the world apart from my professional career where not much was in my control. It would also be my friend when I travel, meet new people, look at things differently or just when I didn’t want to express anything. And voila, it has been the best friend & companion in the world so far. Words are not enough to thank it – the fact that I can go back and revisit all that we saw together & cherish memories or better find new facts while staring at a rare image makes everything more special about it.

I had to push myself to go and click every weekend in the beginning, even silly events, not so happening places, disinterested people but the importance was on building a routine, a group of self critics who push each other and in the process share some good stuff. However, that was just a beginning.

My real turning point came during April – June 2012 when I visited Cape Town and Kashmir, I saw my photography grow by leaps and bounds. Combined with a new zoom lens, beautiful landscapes, relaxed atmosphere I just delved and delved into clicking what I loved – landscapes, candid, street. The results for the first time surprised me and I knew I have something good to share with everyone else for sure.

Post that – it was Spiti that brought good from me, Delhi Archeological buildings, recently Kasol, Northeast/Northwest India and some product/candid/street shoots that I really enjoyed while exploring. Exposure to Steve Mccurry’s work makes me push more & more. Sadly 90% of other people I find in this space are simply either wannabes, non-inspiring, ill – informed about their talents and for some reason I have not been able to tell any of them honestly what I think about their work.

Why I still click – coz it has become an inseparable aspect of my life, it helps me capture something that connects my inside with the world outside and keep it for eternity, it helps me in expressing my feeling about my surroundings, interactions with people, my perspective in one frame without saying a word and perhaps also share with the world.

I wish & hope I get to cover every inch worth on the Earth & capture everything that connects with me by my camera-mushy!


India – a method to the chaos

This statement is quite casually put to explain the way India operates to people trying to understand Indian system. Even scientifically a lot of institutions have  tried to find justification to the above statement with no consolidated results to showcase so far. But it won’t be wrong to suggest that above statement DOES explain a lot what is wrong and still correct with Indian system. Someone can hear a song – “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani.. (Still heart is Indian despite everything).

The traffic is the first and perhaps biggest system management representation of how Indians operate, how they flung the rules, how considerate they are towards others. Not to say that everyone is bad or everything happening here is wrong as 1000+ people die everyday in India on road but as the optimist shall say 1crore+ people are saved as well :). The requirement is definitely for making traffic laws and law guardians ie traffic policemen/ladies more empowered – increase their salaries, make them more accountable, train them, help them in becoming no less efficient than an army officer or an investment banker for that matter.

Same can be said for law & order situation in India – the police administration, the judicial system are pillars without which any democracy or country will fail. In India, there are millions of ways of finding loopholes in here to find a way for yourself. A highly functioning country cannot afford to have 1 in 2 policemen who have oodles of pounds added around the tyre region who fail to empathise forget giving help to the needy. Again, a revamp with focus on their basic qualification, aptitude, attitude, fitness, salary structure is in the order.

Agriculture, Municipal societies, Education, Medical, Government services sectors are representing above examples’ chaos as well.

There have been a few sectors which have seen privatisation post the liberalisation policy of 1992 – Aviation, Telecom/Communication, IT services, Media, Food & Beverages, FMCG, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Construction/Infrastructure are chief I can recall among others. These sectors have seen practices from abroad coming into implementation, a good level of competition to out do each other, high influx of educated youngsters joining them, consistent growth & contribution towards GDP, certain positioning at international scenario for India.
Not to stress that jobs in these sectors are in high demand at engineering, MBA and other colleges.

My country is great – nobody can deny or takeaway that from me. Am moment and again filled with the optimism for the highest notch that my country can reach. I am also one of those old school people who value the rich culture, family values, history values that my country keeps close to Her heart. Though what is required along with the Govt reforms is change of approach/attitude of my own countrymen/ladies – to not think of themselves first at every opportunity. In public places – think for the public too, while in a queue – keep your patience for others too, while driving or being driven – respect other people’s comforts/lives too.

Today, my country is highest growing nation in the world – its no mean feat achieved basis hard work of countrymen favoured by govt policies. Let us not stop till we are able to provide every single Indian anywhere in the world with clean food to eat, clean water to drink, healthy air to breathe, clothes to cover, shed to protect heads and few other basic amenities along with respect, dignity to withstand anything.

Love, Power & Amen!


Dear Women- do not give in!

That’s the word.. Do not ever give in!

Its tough being a woman as you are told, u heard, u feel, etc. But it is tough being anyone and they just learn to be themselves with the same gutso.

So you might be sidelined more, you might be leched at daily, you might be expected to give up everything for the sake of your family, it must be physiologically tougher for you, you might not have that many same gender idols to look at, etc.etc. but still do not give up!!
Always remember that for any situation and any person be it the celebrity or a poor man on platform, it requires extra effort and the zeal to get through.
The answer that you need to ask yourself at the end of everything is that who are you and what do you want?

There is a way around everything, you have to just go and pound on it.

Do not wait for the govt to create quota for you, or the companies to create special work profile for you. Be a leader, do not procrastinate, do not wait for others approvals.. Just believe in yourself and go for it. You shall discover your mojo on your own!

The importance of struggle…

As I move from one chapter to another in terms of personal growth – I realise the importance of struggle before any significant achievement..

Struggle includes factors like unhappiness/disagreement -> want for change -> finding for ways to bring about a change -> try & fail unlimited times -> finding that one thing that makes you feel complete -> Happiness

I have realised this fact at different important stages – doing well in school, cracking XAT, doing well professionally at job (this one is like Life – some days are good, few are not, many are insignificant in terms of concurrence), doing well in hobbies like photography, drawing, dancing, etc.

Also, this fact can’t be ignored in some very important stories and others’ lives – Pandavas struggle before the victory in Mahabharat, Shwashank Redemption, Kill Bill, etc. Also recently the story & related sub-stories I closely followed were of that Star Plus Mahabharat & their characters/actors true stories and I had to appreciate the results of products of struggle.
Mahabharat teleserial in its ownself was a result of 5 years of struggle, thoughts, writings, reworking, etc. similar to Lagaan movie and the results were great to be seen of both.
Similarly its actors who played Draupadi & Krishna had their own personal struggles and still the amount of +vity is impressive. Plus their results in their crafts were above the rest and so good that it was obvious these are special actors.

Hence whenever Life tests your patience – you should smile at it willingly while making your efforts and trust that it will result into something good.

My plan for startup, world tour, family gets its answers from this… AMEN!


Important to not let your focus deter..

Its important that now at the age of 28, I have accepted the fact that what others do, think and make of their lives is none of your concern, not in your control and definitely not your Karma!
Focus on yourself, your Karma & Dharma!

This does not mean you become self centred, absolutely not. Helping others, being polite, honest to others is also your Karma and you are doing your duty towards the world by just being yourself.

As finding a partner is a question mark right now – I feel I don’t need to look at others around me for motivation, justification.
I need to focus on what I want and prepare myself accordingly for that. Getting married has been a thought with me since a kid and that also in the best possible way. Finding an ideal life partner who fulfills my criteria has to happen as I have been honest to myself as well as around about it.

I think I want a partner who lets me be and accepts what I am.. supports me, bears with me and is patient. He should be achievement oriented, good hearted, bent towards social welfare, family loving and a nice guy to see and meet…

Rest as Allah does shall be acceptable to me.. am sure he has good plans for me 🙂 xoxo..

so much Mahabharat in my life and am not complaining…!! :)

This phase of my life will definitely have a significant mention of Star Plus Mahabharat & hence Mahabharat as a whole and its characters’ presence..

I have this habit of letting a topic take over my mind in terms of all my free time goes searching about it as well as my discussions outside work have an important mention of the topic..

Be it Robin Ted, Travelling, Photography, Attitude towards life, Sherlock, Movies, etc. These days it is Mahabharat though let me admit – it started sometime during Feb when I was quite taken aback with the actors who play Arjun Draupadi in modern day saga as well as the special effects used and definitely the verses spoken by Lord Krishna..

Plus, I have always had a questioning attitude – and Mahabharat seems to be the answer of it by showcasing many solutions to all of my doubts. You just need to have an eye, ear, heart, mind and soul for it..
I love it in one simple line.. something am remembering since yday..
Your duty on earth consists of 5 pillars – Knowledge, Love, devotion, justine and patience!
Love !!starplus-mahabharat-promo

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