My Own Thing.. Stamped MS

I just want my own things….. I don’t wish to compare or discuss or envy or even boast!

I just wish things to happen the way they should for me….

At Work : Create some great Products with Great Funny & Intellectual Beings… Grow Gradually without any conflict & envy…. Significant enough to be noticed as an achiever & a Happy Good one!

In Family : A happy, motivated Soul with a sense of Objectiveness! Small Loving & Supporting Family who Love doing their own things & still enjoy look forward to doing things together! Everyone is Proud of each other & themselves.. Comes across as Pvt & still Social to Others around. Very Much at Peace

Husband : Someone Loving, Caring who believes in Simple things & is an old soul yet Fun in contemporary times! Passionate about his own things & supportive of mine. Patience to be a virtue, Smile to die for!

House : A small cozy yet Modern abode which loves to welcome one & all – smells of warmth & bondings!

Hobbies : Hasn’t Travel & Click become too cliche` .. Still they do form my very strong Pillars along with Reading, writing! & Yes Sports

Passion : To create & execute Product Ideas for different use case bases

My Own Ventures : Agency + Dream Realization + Product Startup + SHG + VC + Startup Cell in own alma mater!

I just things to be stamped with my own individuality! AM YES!


Important to Let Go!

I wanted to write about a different topic in here but decided that the above title encompasses a bigger message hence let me write more comprehensively about the importance of letting Go!

I wanted to write about how many wrong people or right people in wrong situations I have come across starting from some very wrong friends I trusted to some selfish relatives I invested to some negative & weak colleagues.
How I look at them now when I find myself much better placed emotionally, mentally and financially is quite interesting – I feel that in every fairytale there has to be a witch, a demon which needs to be fought with the same positive spirit to arrive at your destination.

Being sensitive & shy in my approach towards strangers and even more sceptical in establishing relationships but once trusted I believe in giving everything – it was difficult to learn the lessons the trial & error way but very valuable forever.

The biggest lesson I learnt was to Let go! Letting Go in every respect – forget, forgive & wish them luck with true heart. Let them achieve their own destiny – what it will be is to be decided by them on their own.

The lesson of Letting Go is not only applicable here but in bigger tasks as well – in achievement of your bigger goals in life. Its simply put as Gita says – do your job & don’t expect results as that’s not your job.

Just let go truly from your heart & everything will fall into place – but don’t expect things if the effort has not been done from your side. The secret of understanding the balance between these two contradictory actions is very critical.
Even once you truly understand it – it requires constant & conscious practice/effort to apply it in your daily lives.

But once you do – the results are to be seen in everything – your work life, personal life, your personality, your face, the way you talk, etc. everything.

Here’s wishing all of us truly achieve it in every way possible and every facet of life.


How was the last year 2015?

When I sit back and look at how the last 12 months/365 days went – I think it was great! Great from learning, personal growth & most importantly getting closer to the ultimate dream of being happy and peaceful 🙂

It began with carrying forward of 2014 learnings of Geeta & Yoga of getting closer to oneself & focussing on the pertinent question of “Who am I?”, focussing on one’s Karma, one’s present moment, focussing on one’s breathing to relax among many others.
There were some personal setbacks too which I choose to not mention here.

Most importantly – I got back to doing Gym & playing TT which helped me in achieving a lot better mental + physical health. My mood swings were much more in control & I could focus on my work & myself a lot more.
On another important achievement, my role developed into something better than I hoped & I believe I can take it into something bigger & better from here having realised my forte` a lot better now – Digital Marketing & Product Development.

What I hope to focus more from here on are –
1) Health – I want to achieve a lot more fitter body & want to be more strong mentally which is more fearless & focussed along with being kind, calm, sweet.
2) Startup – I want to save for the same along with developing my model & wish to gather a core team as well.
3) Travel & Click – As much, as far, as frequent, with as many new nice people possible – Abroad/Hill Stations/Rajasthan/MP/AP on my list
4) Financial Savings – to build it further to give me more options in future
5) Personal Individual Family/Life Partner – I strongly believe now, it will be answered soon now as soon as I reach where am supposed to 🙂 Just need to stop seeking to find the answers – LetGo! I also wish to read more & wide now.

These things pretty much emphasise my short term & long term goals.

Mr. Rahul Dravid – am a late Fan but forever Loyal from hereon

Dear Mr. Dravid,

I am a no one to you – but let me tell you somethings about myself that will help you know me quickly & better. I am a girl from an educated service middle class North Indian family where Cricket & Movies find an undetachable relationship with dinner conversations, entertainment. More importantly they were the strong bond I shared with my Dad as I learnt a lot from him while discussing Cricket/tennis matches & Movies.

During late 90s, I remember my Dad used to adore you – when you used to come on crease he used to be more optimistic of Indian innings doing better, more than all your respect worthy counterparts (Sachin, Ganguly, Laxman). You had that aura of assurance, reliability that a matured man of 40+ would find most befitting.
When you used to score 10 runs of 50 balls, he used to clap & say he is building it, digging in. I just would not understand that how a strike rate of 20% be good for Indian team & I would a few times argue that it is just slowing us down & taking us away from a challenging total. He used to ask me to just wait & watch quietly.

How wrong I was & how correct you both mature men were I realised much later (towards mid of 2000s). You were of course the glue of valuable partnerships that won us matches overseas & become a power to fathom, you were the reluctant opener, wicketkeeper who tried & tried but also delivered. I don’t think I can write anything new here – as there have been experts & bigger fans who have given you odes for your contribution to Indian cricket team.

However, what I take away most from you is for the kind of human being you are – humble to the core, hardworking, simple, family oriented, great son among plenty others great qualities.
Some things which touched me beyond comparison were – your MCC speech, your narration for your Mom’s album, your retirement words, the way you carried on post retirement with dignity, your silent contribution in giving us Rahane, Pujara, Sanju & now how you are quietly building a strong bench by coaching India ‘A’ team.
I have read/seen so many interviews of yours – never have I read a word of frustration, negativity, haughtiness. There has been only words of trying to contribute more effectively towards the cause of our country becoming bigger & better.
For me – contributors like you are my idols & I consider you in the league of APJ Abdul Kalam, AR Rahman, Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Buddha who have silently done their jobs only but in doing so have moved the generations & inspired millions.

Thank you Mr. Dravid, you are the reason I would always listen more to my Dad!

Why will I miss Mahabharat!!

Firstly, I didn’t know I will miss the show so much..
I mean I always knew that it is going to end sometime around july-august, but I never knew that I will feel this VOID, this EMPTINESS, as if something very dear has been taken away from me..

It had become a sort of routine for me to come back home around 8-830, take a bath and get down with food in front of my idiot box..
Sometimes, I didn’t even use to pay complete attention to what is happening – coz I somehow knew the context and hence was aware of mostly what is going to happen.. still I used to wait for precap to tell what shall be the happening in next episode and then used to eagerly wait again for next day 🙂
Time after watching that episode used to be spent researching about the characters, events, some inspirational stories esp on Indiaforum website.. and some by bheegi were awesome!
I used to apply alot of thought in terms of relating their situations with mine.. coz I feel somewhere the purpose of retelling Mahabharat again n again is that only.. so the current generation can learn something new from it eveyrday..

Even the weekends were spent reading, discussing, watching previous episodes of Mahabharat..

This had been a routine since Early June for sure… and even time before that, I used to do it very frequently.. almost 50% of the time..

What I loved about this Mahabharat :
– the characters.. I can just go on and on about Krishna, Drauapdi and Arjun.. in that order.. they were marvelous! They gave so much matter for us to remember, take inspiration from, learn, put to practice..
I feel somewhere these characters I identify with the most.. I think I am mostly Arjun or Draupadi and those important moments – I become Krishna..
The actors who played them deserve the OSCAR and all the praise in this world..

– Their narration – where they always tried to show Good to be a better option, how everything that happened in every episode was eventually gonna lead to the War..
they only focussed on important events and kept the whole narration fast paced..
The Krishna seekh was like the best part.. what he used to speak,indicate meant everything for a person like me who gets lost easily..

– The dialogues – brilliant! Very simple and effective.. they explained every difficult situation in such a simple and brilliant way… i will always look forward to go back to them and learn more from them..

– Special effects, sets, eye for detail – Lovely!!

All I wanted were some more scenes of Arjun- Draupadi .. in my opinion they were the perfect couple..made for each other, destined to meet and take the generation forward by playing the greatest man and woman under the supervision of God himself Krishna..
Their greatest connection was no doubt devotedness to Krishna…but also the fact that they were quite similar in terms of their purpose of life – to establish Dharma and follow Krishna’s word to T..
Plus, both loved each other from the first time they set eyes on each other, they both sacrificed alot, had alot of patience to adjust to the awkward situation they were in, were greatly responsible in keeping pandavs united and motivated..
Also, they understood each other best – it can be seen,heard, read that they didn’t have to express much and the other one understood perfectly well.. be it in jungles, agyaatvaas, indraprasth, during war – they seemed to be perfect partners and friends, always supportive and understanding of each other..

I was greatly desiring the convo between Draupadi and Satyabhama…and better if Arjun & Krishna would have pitched into it.. I loved that piece and feel it had alot to offer..

Shaheer & Pooja together – at least one nice offscreen pic would have done the trick for all Ardi fans like me..

But keeping the main objective in view – show was definitely one of the greatest ones made, in a way it was destined to be..with the writing in progress since 5 years, actors preparing for more than a year.. production sets of highest quality, every scene trying to be more beautiful.. all actors staying away from the city – in a small town of Umargaon! just focusing on their work, thinking more about their characters.. it had to be so great without doubt!

I loved it, am humbled and eternally thankful.. it will be interesting to see where I take this from here .. coz I would never like to forget it..
And to think I thought its a joke they are trying to do 😛 and I would hate it but Krishna won me over!

I think he’s the only God, I relate most with.. he has made sense for me at so many difficult times e.g. during childhood, during MBA days through IPLE course and now during my course of my job crisis..

Love, Love, love…

Happy Janmashtmi, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna !!starplus-mahabharat-promo



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