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Mithali Raj – Second Blog in 6 mths!

This article made me write a 2nd blog on her!

I feel so much common with her that its difficult to describe in words. The struggle, standing up for self, not giving up on one’s values, keeping parents & performance first – these are the simple but strong values that middle class girls in India from 80s & early 90s were brought up with.

So many of them gave in to marriage, materialism, shallowness for reasons unknown! Yet it feels so RIGHT when a few of them make it to the TOP & wish to be raring to go even more – Mithali Raj, you inspire me to not give up despite all hardships & disappointments and am most thankful to you for that.

Second, you inspire me how to carry myself with grit & humbleness!

Am sure you inspire so many others a lot more – my wish & pray that girls in India find a permanent place for sports in their daily lives for keeping fit & personality development. Also I hope more parents encourage their girls to not give up on sports!

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Emotional Intelligence – Back to My Fav Topic

This one is never ending – isn’t it 🙂

These days have been weird, very weird – perhaps all uncomfortable & pushing/evolving phases are! I now recall being in lots of them – Phew!
However the intensity of the same & its impact can vary.

Perhaps best learning from my experience has been to let things happen while giving your best at it & expect nothing in return – Let Go of expectations, Don’t focus on what happens next or the results but just focus on current Moment & Live everyday as it is!

Its easier said than done – but its a methodological process if one can learn to master it, almost like working on a master piece patiently or running a marathon or working on a relationship!

One has to slowly & carefully identify which are the things that makes you upset – is it the thought of going to office, is it the thought of making dinner, is it the thought of travelling, it it the thought of working on something intensive. So WHAT?

Once you identify the WHAT, identify the WHY !

And then focus on Solution & Be Patient about it to come! That is it.. There is no two way about the last part coz you may think that since you have identified the What, Why & Solution – everything should fall into place but you have to Let the Universe do its work.

However much it may hurt but do not look down upon yourself & keep your head high!

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Writing After Long.. Carol made me

Or so it seems…

Lazying on a weekend & spending time with yourself at leisure & peace is one of the best gifts time has to offer I believe. Doing nothing is extremely important to make you do great at something!

Rooney Mara – the lady who impressed me over last 3-4 days after I saw Carol. I saw the movie as someone at work recommended me it to be a great watch but a huge snub by Award ceremonies.So I decided to give it a watch interested to know what on earth this ‘snub’ really is?
I loved the movie every bit so much that I have seen it 2 times more in bits & pieces (the rushing me..) and plan on watching it more. Its that feeling where you have experienced the best in cinema & everything else seems ordinary or dreary in front of it [withdrawal symptoms].

What I loved was the purity of love shown in a story – how flowing, natural, poetic, beautiful, enigmatic, poignant, justified it was to see two woman falling in love with each other & wanting to be together. Nothing was rushed into or forced into – everything seemed right even going against the law of that times, breaking homes, etc.
When you see something out of blue that makes you wanna have a better life or more truthful life or more love in your life, be a better person, gives you more perspective & hence it makes you sit up & delve into more layer by layer.
Same is happening to me as a process.

Cate Blanchett is a legend in her rights – she’s one of the few Hollywood actresses who has given great movies consistently in different genres & established herself as a sure shot powerhouse.
But who in the world is Rooney Mara, was my basic question – I had heard about her previous roles in Dragon girl and social network but not taken note (my loss), but she has won me over so much that I wanna be like her in many ways now.

Its stupid but I love how she communicates effortlessly without doing much, I love how honest she is on camera without being overpowering in any way. She seems nice, indifferent, intelligent, so evenly balanced, steady, non judgemental, sweet, innocent with warmth for right moments. How enigmatic & poignant she is is another great detail. I do feel I can be a lot better person by emulating her more in my life.

Thank You Carol, Cate Blanchett, Toddy Hynes & Rooney Mara!

So I hope to remember to emulate Rooney a lot more by speaking less & observing more & letting my work do the talking.

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India – a method to the chaos

This statement is quite casually put to explain the way India operates to people trying to understand Indian system. Even scientifically a lot of institutions have  tried to find justification to the above statement with no consolidated results to showcase so far. But it won’t be wrong to suggest that above statement DOES explain a lot what is wrong and still correct with Indian system. Someone can hear a song – “Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani.. (Still heart is Indian despite everything).

The traffic is the first and perhaps biggest system management representation of how Indians operate, how they flung the rules, how considerate they are towards others. Not to say that everyone is bad or everything happening here is wrong as 1000+ people die everyday in India on road but as the optimist shall say 1crore+ people are saved as well :). The requirement is definitely for making traffic laws and law guardians ie traffic policemen/ladies more empowered – increase their salaries, make them more accountable, train them, help them in becoming no less efficient than an army officer or an investment banker for that matter.

Same can be said for law & order situation in India – the police administration, the judicial system are pillars without which any democracy or country will fail. In India, there are millions of ways of finding loopholes in here to find a way for yourself. A highly functioning country cannot afford to have 1 in 2 policemen who have oodles of pounds added around the tyre region who fail to empathise forget giving help to the needy. Again, a revamp with focus on their basic qualification, aptitude, attitude, fitness, salary structure is in the order.

Agriculture, Municipal societies, Education, Medical, Government services sectors are representing above examples’ chaos as well.

There have been a few sectors which have seen privatisation post the liberalisation policy of 1992 – Aviation, Telecom/Communication, IT services, Media, Food & Beverages, FMCG, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Construction/Infrastructure are chief I can recall among others. These sectors have seen practices from abroad coming into implementation, a good level of competition to out do each other, high influx of educated youngsters joining them, consistent growth & contribution towards GDP, certain positioning at international scenario for India.
Not to stress that jobs in these sectors are in high demand at engineering, MBA and other colleges.

My country is great – nobody can deny or takeaway that from me. Am moment and again filled with the optimism for the highest notch that my country can reach. I am also one of those old school people who value the rich culture, family values, history values that my country keeps close to Her heart. Though what is required along with the Govt reforms is change of approach/attitude of my own countrymen/ladies – to not think of themselves first at every opportunity. In public places – think for the public too, while in a queue – keep your patience for others too, while driving or being driven – respect other people’s comforts/lives too.

Today, my country is highest growing nation in the world – its no mean feat achieved basis hard work of countrymen favoured by govt policies. Let us not stop till we are able to provide every single Indian anywhere in the world with clean food to eat, clean water to drink, healthy air to breathe, clothes to cover, shed to protect heads and few other basic amenities along with respect, dignity to withstand anything.

Love, Power & Amen!


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Dear Women- do not give in!

That’s the word.. Do not ever give in!

Its tough being a woman as you are told, u heard, u feel, etc. But it is tough being anyone and they just learn to be themselves with the same gutso.

So you might be sidelined more, you might be leched at daily, you might be expected to give up everything for the sake of your family, it must be physiologically tougher for you, you might not have that many same gender idols to look at, etc.etc. but still do not give up!!
Always remember that for any situation and any person be it the celebrity or a poor man on platform, it requires extra effort and the zeal to get through.
The answer that you need to ask yourself at the end of everything is that who are you and what do you want?

There is a way around everything, you have to just go and pound on it.

Do not wait for the govt to create quota for you, or the companies to create special work profile for you. Be a leader, do not procrastinate, do not wait for others approvals.. Just believe in yourself and go for it. You shall discover your mojo on your own!

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My advice to Delhi Girls .. though I feel they won’t take it!

Delhi girls are a favourite topic of many conversations – when guys want to showcase a typical syndrome of girl or when you think of common names like Neha/Pooja alongwith the typical (Sorry for the repitition of the word) traits in a girl like overfussiness over her looks, her complexion, repetitive usage of word bhaiyaji, checking every other girl out that stands near them from top to bottom!

I come from Allahabad + Ahmedabad & have spent most of my time away from city life. My exposure to the metros only comes from my early occasional visits to the place, when I went to XLRI for MBA and after I started working. I definitely do think that Delhi girls even though being good at heart and loving, affectionate really need to go a long way in terms of growing up & accepting some cruel realities to have a more mature & reserved response.

Also to mention, these are purely based on my experiences & must be taken with a pinch of salt

– Please stop depending on your father, boyfriend, brother, male colleague to help you get ahead of the queue or get you to save the crowds at Metro stations. Facing adversities & harsh situations is as much your right as much theirs. Please insist on taking care of yourself on your own.

– Please start giving more value to the material inside than to the ones outside as they last longer & are the true gems/jewels/beauty to possess.

– Please stop giving up on your education/career for the sake of your families. Your education is not a mean to just help you get a good husband but it is a support for you to pave a way towards being a complete self dependent & qualified individual with sound power of decision making & choices.

– Please stop looking to other girls around you with envy/competition or jealousy. They are as much a human like you are and it will be great if all of us can be a force together than against each other.

– Please don’t shriek your voice at first disagreement itself. There are methods of getting your point across & shrieking or quarrelling just makes for a bad loser.

– All in all, relax a bit more and start trusting yourself more than anyone else. Learn to be a woman of substance & please don’t be afraid in moments of adversity – they are just here to test you & your patience. I am glad to be going to Bombay though 🙂

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Celebrating Womanhood in Corporate World

I shall share some things which I feel has helped me so far :-
– I have never thought as a woman but always as a manager or as a professional
– Have never asked for any advantages for being a lady/women nor any differential treatment..
– have always taken up challenging roles – ones that have not being doing well at all in the recent past.. be it DTH, fragrances, steel sales in Mumbai..
– I have shown keenness or rather extra ambition to be ready to travel as much possible for my jobs & different roles..across culture, cities, states
– Have focussed on working by aligning my team and boss closely & keep communication correct with supporting teams..
– Never taken unnecessary leaves & learn to draw a boundary to our personal lives..

What I have decided to work further to help myself & can suggest fellow working women also :-
– We tend to think alot & overthink at times – we should avoid it..
– We should never do any gender discrimination & so set our expectations correct..
– We should align our personal lives according to our professional demands – e.g. currently am working around to have that 30mins in morning or evening to do Yoga plus I don’t like giving up my personal time of 45min-1hour time before going to sleep when i do everything from planning, reading, chatting, breathing, smiling, dancing, etc. etc.
– Overall, don’t give up easily – every problem including personal ones have a way out & workplaces need more women as they are better managers anyday who make choices based on heart + mind..

In the end my wish is to do justice to myself as a working professional so much that I have a smile on my face when I look back & think about work life.. 🙂 its not a big deal