How I feel about my career right now!

I feel good for sure!

Started off from Tata – got to do alot of things – Travel, Retail, Cross Functional & Cross geographical Experience. Definitely as good as Baby taking tiny steps & trying to grow while falling & trying still.

Moved into the pure B2C space & thankfully Technology & Digital Space – couple of Aggressive companies. Quite enjoyed the roles, work, speed, adrenaline rush but disappointed with people treatment & I don’t think it is to do with being Women or something, just they consider Manpower as Labour probably!

Then got to work in Pure Product Development & Ownership role which I feel closest with, got to build a nascent product into shape & share it with world as well. Great feeling. Felt myself undergo personal & professional transformations, understood my likings better, my style of work better, my zone/space better.

Trying to move into a bigger Global Space which can help me create bigger impact while enhancing my learnings.

There are people who call me non – sticky, not a long term player but who cares, I have always gone by my inner call & done things which are non conventional possibly that will lead me to do something disruptive in true sense 🙂 #Don’t worry



Aage ka Raasta Nahi Mil Raha hai…

Aajkal hai bas ek hi Uljhan meri… Mil rahi nahi disha woh ..
Jise Lekar chal dun aage bas..

Aati hain baatein bahut dhyaan mein..
Aati si hain bas…  Rukti nahi… Basti nahi…
Aakar chali si jati hain…

Kehti rehti hun ki ruko… 2-4 baat karlo… shayad main tumse kuch seek lun..
Ya Phir tumhe samjha dun… ek doosre ko mana lein – dosti kar lein..
Par Naa – hota sa hi nahi …

Apni si lagti hai jo baat…jo gaane, jo log..
Bas man behla leti hun thodi der unke paas/saath..
Par mil nahi rahi wo shanti jo kar sake mujhe shaant….

Chahti hun bas itna ki le chale ye raah mujhe bas wahan…
Jahan ho meri manzil aur apne aap ko pa sakun..
Apne aap ko pasand kar sakun..
Hansun, Muskuraun, Relax Rahun aur baki log ko bhi yehi bol sakun…

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RIP Leila Seth!

Got news a bit late.. very saddened by the loss to Indian Law & Social Society.

Her book “Life On Balance” gave me a glimpse of her life & more than that gave me confidence to tread my path with all the confidence & conviction as per my beliefs.

A chance meeting during Bandra literary festival in 2015 shall be something I will always cherish – Thanks for all your contribution towards the society as a whole & for being an inspiration always. Will remember always in good & bad times. Leila-Seth

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Let the Performance Come from the Gut!

I remember my Mom being an amazing Singer & Singing being her only indulgence apart from the daily household work!

I also remember her being very nervous before every performance & her Sir + co-performers giving her confidence before & during performance.
What I distinctly remember is that after every performance, the audience used to be stunned with her melody.

I used to wonder how – when she’s so nervous & I have hardly seen her practice at home, how do people go WOW with her voice.

Its much later that I realised, that performances need to come from the Gut to make an impact! Let it be an honest performance for it to be a great performance!

Also a quick mention for Pooja Sharma aka Draupadi for coming back from Hiatus.. Thank God & Thank You!


Past Guys Have explored

  • Engineering Studious Types
  • Engineering Just not sure of what he wants Types
  • Engineering Mumma Boy but chilled out Types
  • MBA – Marketing Go getter types
  • MBA – Softie types
  • MBA – Sales fadu & workaholic types
  • MBA – Fun & yaaron ka yaar types
  • Startup – Travel Explorer types
  • Corporate Professional Types
  • Second MBA Abroad still confused Types
  • Abroad Return yet Faltu Types
  • Sweet but Professional & Intellectually not there Types

Idea Types : ?? Smart + Sweet + Positive…

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A sense of…

  • Humour
  • Good Food
  • Good Dressing
  • Travelling
  • People
  • Conversations
  • Values
  • Habits
  • Etiquettes
  • Health/Sports
  • Art
  • Design
  • Music
  • Books/Poetry
  • Maths (yes)
  • Science (Again yes)
  • Gadgets (Post 2000 effect)
  • Digital Imagery (Post 2010 effect)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Very Critical)

My Daily Routine

Wake Up : Between 7 and 8am.. The morning routine and checking news, sometimes do Yoga/meditation.

8am : 9am – Get Ready for Work by having a cup of tea, taking bath + getting ready.

Start work by 930am – Like a normal sane person, I like to go through the list of important deliverables for the day and the ones which are also critical from the near future standpoint. Then starts the work for assembling for the deliverables to be achieved – talking to zillion people, following up on million*million small tasks.
Keeping your superiors informed, taking their consent is the most frustrating task in the current headspace. Since we work in a stealth startup mode, not one person will take the call for any small execution as well.
Getting them on one page & ensuring closure of tasks proves to be like a huge mountain climb every time.
Add to that multiple perceptions floating around & managing amongst that conversations, reactions.

Around 1pm : 2pm – When I have my lunch with colleagues/friends, take a small walk around office and come back to our desks.

2:30pm : 7:30pm – Second round of follow-ups, chasing people, bouncing new ideas on white board to set your user journeys more optimised + functional internally & with vendors. Respecting everyone’s viewpoints while not negotiating on the main business objectives and ensuring a healthy work environment becomes all too overwhelming.

Post 8pm – When you arrive home, you still find yourself alive & breathing however feeling lighter post the day spent. But with no energy to workout … Yes its not good but not everything is as you desire.
Unwinding happens by talking to friends, tidying up the home, internet surfing, etc.
Around 9 pm – Talk to my family, eat dinner – check for movies, sitcoms to see.
Sleep by 11pm.

Some things to watch for :
– Do not over think, over stress, over worry – nahi ho raha nahi ho raha.
– Come out affable, comfortable, approachable.
– Despite all the efforts, if still one is keeping you at distance then let it be.
– Let Go of everything you can’t control.