How My Media Aversion Has Helped Me!

It was a hard thought decision but something I should have done long back to be a much STRONGER & MORE CONFIDENT Human Being! Yes You Heard It, Long Back!!

I stopped quite a lot of Media Inflows towards me (my ears, eyes, most importantly Mind), in order to do that I did the following :

  • Stopped Reading All the Media websites & Apps (TOI was banned long back, NDTV, IndiaToday, IBN, etc.)
  • Removed TV Subscription (Best Decision Ever)
  • Shortened Facebook time to <5mins/week & diverting the remaining time to reading, linkedin, twitter, medium on filtered interests/subjects.
  • Forming my Viewpoints towards everything based on my own Research (well judged resources + Authentic sources) rather than word services of others
  • Adjudging the Media, Film world, Cricketers in my life what they are – PRESSTITUTES!
  • Avoiding all so called friends/influencers who promoted the Above or spoke mostly about the same

This happened as a result of above :

  • The filtered content was self approved & self adjudged
  • Got more time to do my research & form my own opinions based on topics that I was curious about, which is much better than being involuntarily educated at topics of no interest or motivation
  • Found & Relied on much informed company of intellectuals & common believers
  • PM, Startups, Tech, VCs, Design, Statistics, World Politics & Trade, Travel, Clicking, Values, Ethics, History, Human Psychology, Sports (Quality), Social Entrepreneur – these are subjects that I know am not going to leave till the end of my breath! So happy to have discovered them as interests, serious hobbies, passions.
  • I can see my Vision & Dreams alot more clearly & am much more determined than ever to achieve them by building small blocks & gathering people around.

Hope it helps others as well!! Peace for All, Amen.



That VISION For Me!

Till I don’t achieve it!

Till I don’t remove everything that’s blocking me from achieving it…

Till I don’t make every change in my life to make that VISION a reality…

I won’t give it up…!

And achieving it while not letting your values dilute – is most essential!

That vision is me at peace, calm, happy, smiling, dressed in pastel shade indian clothes or loose western clothes with no fear, concern – just satisfied & positive for life ahead!

  • Global Product Role
  • Executive MBA
  • Healthy Lifestyle + Amazing Wardrobe
  • Financial Strength + Savings Build
  • Dream Realization
  • Product Initiative
  • SHGs Series
  • Agency MakeUp
  • CEO of Consumer Tech/ Product company
  • Family – small & happy, loving
  • Parents Travel + Bungalow
  • Dikku’s Lifestyle
  • Startup Cell in XLRI + Societies in SMC
  • Tourism Experience Transformation for true appreciation of history, heritage, culture, people, values, etc.


Current Stage – Consolidation!

This is how I would like to see this stage as – Consolidating my health, work, personality amongst all priorities.

Work – its going rather well so far (touchwood) with UX & Digital Business responsibilities & got an amazing Boss to interact daily with as a friend, mentor, guide.

Health – Solid effort going in here & do not want this to get impacted in any way. Reduced frame-size, increased strength, stamina, daily workout sessions with right set of positive & vibrant people is extremely helpful.

Personality – I have been wanting to become a more calm, controlled, serene, fewer words, more giving, letting go person for some time now. I am glad to say that I do see with time, people, efforts – things are moving in that direction.

Household responsibilities along with eating habits – This was a major cause of worry in my case as I was quite lazy & careless like a (tom) boy towards this. However with time, effort & people again – I have learnt to take care of these things as they are extremely crucial to lead a happy & balanced life. Now I eat, sleep on time – somehow if I can change the food at office – it will be perfect.

Friends/People/Family – With maturity & experience, I have learnt to appreciate the kind of people I want to have around me while keeping others at bay. Gone are the days when I used to get confused among friends, situations & used to find myself gasping for escape. Glad to have found more solace here – Finding my Man is the only gap waiting to be fulfilled.

My startup/business – Having my own Digital Consultancy is what has come as an ideal solution for me – Let us see if I do this or something else. The school + studio + organic farm + yoga retreat house Dream also awaits. Refinement is awaiting & other pieces waiting to fall into place.

Travel/Photography – This is the only spot I feel am not doing 100% justice to given the amount of travel & clicking I used to do till 1 year back when every week I would just take off locally and every 2-3 months some place out. However, this piece is also getting consolidated now by pushing me into doing only great memorable trips solo or with 1 or 2 people I really wish to be with. Am sure my clicking results have grown & will continue to amaze everyone!



I wish to be..

I wish to be a fewer words person…
Even if there are umpteen feelings, emotions rising inside…

I want to be balanced & serene & softer/mellower…
Even if any situation demands me to have reactions…

I want to be womanlike graceful & aesthetically class apart…
Even if people around me fail to appreciate it same time..

Wish to be far more travelled, exposed to different people/cultures,
Even if it takes far more effort & time to make plans & execute them..

I wish to be with People who let me be and at the same time inspire me to grow..
Even if it means exploring wide & waiting for right selection while being without one/few…

I wish to be self sufficient emotionally, financially, socially..& feel confident, assured about it..
Even if it means telling yourself to be strong every day,moment!

(Dedicated towards all the women in daily lives who achieve this consistently knowingly & KungFu Panda 3 which thought once again to have belief in all the goodness around)12799105_10153943476592731_8114143395436703172_n

Ultimate dream continuation…

the-farmhouse Neil Wyrick "Colors of Maine" at Falmouth Memorial Library

This realization of dream of farmhouse+yoga retreat house + school + cafe + photo studio seems a possibility if I start building brick by brick for it…

What I have
– Mgmt experience to run it..
– People skills to make them work for best..
– Passion, interest & belief..

I need to start looking for a area to build this up and get a design made from an architect… and get this constructed & built… with Love & care..

  • School shall have my teach for India associates run it..
  • Cafe ajay maybe..
  • Yoga retreat house – my Yoga teacher
  • Organic farming in farmhouse – sweta di probably..
  • Photo studio shall be my solace zone!

Hubli seems to be a good option with its location, climate and my previous experience there as a feasible option….
I shall reside there in my own space & world with my own set of loved ones and passions doing what I enjoy and most importantly living the way I wish to.. Happily, peacefully, contributing towards society in a +ve way, learning everyday, humbly, simply yet with a high thinking..

Ultimate dream!

Kashmir house
Kashmir house


I live in a farmhouse (preferably near mountains…)

My husband, kids & I do organic farming there..
As a family, our day starts with Meditation & Yoga..

We read books there, share stories, play games & sports, do barbecue together..

We go shopping to city together..

In the night we gaze at stars and then fall off to sleep..

Our venture (sthg social, creative, digital b2c (ecommerce)..) is doing well..

My school as innovation centre has also taken off.. kids esp girl kids from all nooks and corners are coming there and becoming humans of another race altogether..
They think new, they create on their own but they believe in Love & helping each other.. They smile alot.. They love me and come and share everything with me..
My kids also study there only.. and are one of the groups..

Twice a year, we take vacation as couple, family, friends to explore different unseen locations in the world and do never tried things..

We are giving, loving, gentle people who want to live happily & fully and give back to society in best way possible..


My piece of advice for the people seeking campus placements..!

I was an emotional wreck.. one of the worsts when it came to facing campus placements..I just couldn’t manage that tremendous pressure of being judged, evaluated, rejected, by so many ..!!

And it was not the rejection that used to make you feel bad – the fear of rejection, the uncertainty, peer pressure, family expectations, your own standards/expectations for yourself..
How stupid na? 😀

Its easier to look back and smile at it…
What I would have wanted at that time was a good talk from someone (stranger or close) to make sense of entire situation and prepare me well for it..

– It is definitely not the most or even one of the most important things to happen in your life :- It is just something unknown you are venturing into and how good you make out of it is completely individual dependent and not which company/city you land upto..
– What you get here is not forever, if you don’t like it – don’t worry it will soon be over… if you like it – keep doing it forever and try and love it 😀
– General perks – money, travel, laptop, AC, facilities, formal wear, etc are there in all of the companies..
– If you want something very specifically – like FMCG, Banks, Ecommerce nowadays, Ibanks – do not worry again, you will get it! Trust me, I got it and more just coz I kept trying!
– And seriously, seriously, oh please seriously – Life is about so much more, most importantly the kind of person you are before, during and after it.. Its about the hobbies you cultivate, the lifestyle you adopt, the kinds of people you come across, the places you travel, experiences you share…
– Plus life is about finding that greatest passion for which you live and are ready to die thinking … GO GET THAT PASSION..! And it could be money but better not be it..

I don’t know, how much help this was.. but this was a true confession after it has been more than 56 months of my experiencing it..

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