Let the Performance Come from the Gut!

I remember my Mom being an amazing Singer & Singing being her only indulgence apart from the daily household work!

I also remember her being very nervous before every performance & her Sir + co-performers giving her confidence before & during performance.
What I distinctly remember is that after every performance, the audience used to be stunned with her melody.

I used to wonder how – when she’s so nervous & I have hardly seen her practice at home, how do people go WOW with her voice.

Its much later that I realised, that performances need to come from the Gut to make an impact! Let it be an honest performance for it to be a great performance!

Also a quick mention for Pooja Sharma aka Draupadi for coming back from Hiatus.. Thank God & Thank You!


I wish to be..

I wish to be a fewer words person…
Even if there are umpteen feelings, emotions rising inside…

I want to be balanced & serene & softer/mellower…
Even if any situation demands me to have reactions…

I want to be womanlike graceful & aesthetically class apart…
Even if people around me fail to appreciate it same time..

Wish to be far more travelled, exposed to different people/cultures,
Even if it takes far more effort & time to make plans & execute them..

I wish to be with People who let me be and at the same time inspire me to grow..
Even if it means exploring wide & waiting for right selection while being without one/few…

I wish to be self sufficient emotionally, financially, socially..& feel confident, assured about it..
Even if it means telling yourself to be strong every day,moment!

(Dedicated towards all the women in daily lives who achieve this consistently knowingly & KungFu Panda 3 which thought once again to have belief in all the goodness around)12799105_10153943476592731_8114143395436703172_n

1Year of Pooja Sharma as Draupadi in Star Plus Mahabharat

I have been quite a devoted fan of Pooja Sharma as Draupadi from the famed Star Plus Mahabharat including Pandavas, Krishna & many other characters from the tele serial. The tele serial coz it helped me understand myself and situations around me better, my objectives in life better with more clarity and confidence. Pooja Sharma coz she gave me an actress on Indian tele series to appreciate I think in a long time.

She came out as a professional who was confident yet humble in her first job, extremely pleasing to look at plus a lot to learn from – the way she conducts herself & choices of appearances. She came across as a today’s Young educated ambitious girl/lady like many of us and is quite simple, down to earth yet professional about her job.. Plus how brilliant a performer she is about a job which she was doing for the first time and how brilliantly she adapted despite it being a mythological character that today’s people run away from..

She played a character which is well established in people’s hearts and minds with various misconceptions and false stories. Yet she came out a winner by establishing the character as a strong, angry, focussed, righteous, dutiful, devoted to Krishna, loving, caring, smiling… Above all, she played the role with a lot of grace, poise… the effort showed be it in terms of the heavy jewellery, costumes she wore and carried off, the number of hours spent in getting ready for the role…the chaste Sanskrit laden Hindi she had to speak… Plus the range of expressions from Love to Anger, Sadness, Frustration, Pride – AMAZING!

She gave women a strong representation in the tele series and made herself an actress and a character to remember in times forever… I wish & hope that she goes on to do a-lot more great roles ahead and gets all the happiness in the world…

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The importance of struggle…

As I move from one chapter to another in terms of personal growth – I realise the importance of struggle before any significant achievement..

Struggle includes factors like unhappiness/disagreement -> want for change -> finding for ways to bring about a change -> try & fail unlimited times -> finding that one thing that makes you feel complete -> Happiness

I have realised this fact at different important stages – doing well in school, cracking XAT, doing well professionally at job (this one is like Life – some days are good, few are not, many are insignificant in terms of concurrence), doing well in hobbies like photography, drawing, dancing, etc.

Also, this fact can’t be ignored in some very important stories and others’ lives – Pandavas struggle before the victory in Mahabharat, Shwashank Redemption, Kill Bill, etc. Also recently the story & related sub-stories I closely followed were of that Star Plus Mahabharat & their characters/actors true stories and I had to appreciate the results of products of struggle.
Mahabharat teleserial in its ownself was a result of 5 years of struggle, thoughts, writings, reworking, etc. similar to Lagaan movie and the results were great to be seen of both.
Similarly its actors who played Draupadi & Krishna had their own personal struggles and still the amount of +vity is impressive. Plus their results in their crafts were above the rest and so good that it was obvious these are special actors.

Hence whenever Life tests your patience – you should smile at it willingly while making your efforts and trust that it will result into something good.

My plan for startup, world tour, family gets its answers from this… AMEN!


I so Love Mahabharat & Mahabharat 2013…and I miss its presence so much!

I think this is the truth.. I just feel so much of its presence in my life esp from Jan – present.. as I wrote in a previous blog about how most of my time has gone into it..

Right now, am still reeling under its after effects – where am watching repeat telecast, trying to implement the learnings in current life.. appreciating the details, characters, actors, trying to follow their lives after the serial has ended, wishing for good things for them.. trying to say connected with audience who also loved it, trying to find new meanings everyday.. 🙂 am totally & completely besotted by the serial..

The way it spoke to me was like a true friend, mentor, family person shall – patiently explaining me the meanings in a grandeur pleasant way – it had so many of its moments which made me feel complete..
It made me feel & believe in things I should & always wanted to.. It gave me alot of clarity in life that I needed..
– Karma kar phal ki ikchha nahi..
– Kyon Vyarth Chinta Karte Ho? Kisse Vyarth Darte ho?Kaun tumhe maar sakta hai? Aatma na paida hotee hai, Na marti hai!
– Jo Hua, Vah accha hua, Jo ho raha hai, Vah accha ho raha hai! Jo hoga, Vah bhee accha hee hoga! Tum bhoot ka Paschyataap NA Karo! Na bhavishya kee chinta karo! Vartmaan chal Raha hai!

  • Always ask – “Who am I?”
  • Life = Dharm has 5 pillars – knowledge- gyan, dedication/honesty – samarpan , love- prem, justice- nyay, patience – dheeraj…
    knowledge – brain, love – heart, dedication – body, justice – soul, patience – Man (wants/desires)
  • Having control over all your senses shall make you a true winner…!!
  • Never have pride over anything – not even your goodness, humbleness..

Hare Krishna!!

Is this a new beginning in my life or what !?


-I am only watching Mahabharat these days, reading Geeta, looking for examples/citations of Geeta Updesh & Mahabharat in my daily life.. 
Trying my level best to practice it as well..

– Also practicing Yoga – one of the best things in one’s life.. 

– Planning on starting Santoor..

– Parent’s presence making me feel more smooth, secure, light.. 

– Starting on a new journey workwise – where I seem to have found a new way of doing business & resolving people’s issues – through digital innovations.. ecommerce – bring purchases, sales closer to the users and removing middlemen.. 
Also ensuring correct prices reach the providers, ensuring more variety are available, even common man can think of doing business.. Basically making selling-buying easier..
– Planning on new phone, new clothes, new watch, new hairstyle 😛

Am just hoping n trying to ensure that all this takes me closer to my ultimate aim of being closer to people & becoming a part of their solutions..

Why will I miss Mahabharat!!

Firstly, I didn’t know I will miss the show so much..
I mean I always knew that it is going to end sometime around Jul-Aug’14, but I never knew that I will feel this VOID, this EMPTINESS, as if something very dear has been taken away from me..

It had become a sort of routine for me to come back home around 8-830pm, take a bath and get down with food in front of my idiot box..
Sometimes, I didn’t even use to pay complete attention to what is happening – coz I somehow knew the context and hence was aware of mostly what is going to happen.. still I used to wait for Precap to tell what shall be the happening in next episode and then used to eagerly wait again for next day 🙂
Time after watching that episode used to be spent researching about the characters, events, some inspirational stories esp on Indiaforum website.. and some by bheegi were awesome!
I used to apply a lot of thought in terms of relating their situations with mine.. coz I feel somewhere the purpose of retelling Mahabharata again n again is that only.. so the current generation can learn something new from it eveyrday..

Even the weekends were spent reading, discussing, watching previous episodes of Mahabharata..

This had been a routine since Early June for sure… and even time before that, I used to do it very frequently.. almost 50% of the time..

What I loved about this Mahabharata :

  • The Characters.. I can just go on and on about Krishna, Drauapdi and Arjun.. in that order.. they were marvellous! They gave so much matter for us to remember, take inspiration from, learn, put to practice..
    I feel somewhere these characters I identify with the most.. I think I am mostly Arjun or Draupadi and those important moments – I become Krishna..
    The actors who played them deserve the OSCAR and all the praise in this world..
  • Their Narration Style – where they always tried to show Good to be a better option, how everything that happened in every episode was eventually gonna lead to the War..
    they only focussed on important events and kept the whole narration fast paced..

The Krishna seekh was like the best part.. what he used to speak, indicate meant everything for a person like me who gets lost easily..

  • The Dialogues – brilliant! Very simple and effective.. they explained every difficult situation in such a simple and brilliant way… i will always look forward to go back to them and learn more from them..
  • Special effects, sets, eye for detail – Lovely!!

All I wanted were some more scenes of Arjun- Draupadi .. in my opinion they were the perfect couple..made for each other, destined to meet and take the generation forward by playing the greatest man and woman under the supervision of God himself Krishna..
Their greatest connection was no doubt devotedness to Krishna…but also the fact that they were quite similar in terms of their purpose of life – to establish Dharma and follow Krishna’s word to T..
Plus, both loved each other from the first time they set eyes on each other, they both sacrificed alot, had alot of patience to adjust to the awkward situation they were in, were greatly responsible in keeping pandavs united and motivated..
Also, they understood each other best – it can be seen, heard, read that they didn’t have to express much and the other one understood perfectly well.. be it in jungles, agyaatvaas, indraprasth, during war – they seemed to be perfect partners and friends, always supportive and understanding of each other..

I was greatly desiring the convo between Draupadi and Satyabhama…and better if Arjun & Krishna would have pitched into it.. I loved that piece and feel it had alot to offer..

Shaheer & Pooja together – at least one nice offscreen pic would have done the trick for all Ardi fans like me..

But keeping the main objective in view – show was definitely one of the greatest ones made, in a way it was destined to be..with the writing in progress since 5 years, actors preparing for more than a year.. production sets of highest quality, every scene trying to be more beautiful.. all actors staying away from the city – in a small town of Umargaon! just focusing on their work, thinking more about their characters.. it had to be so great without doubt!

I loved it, am humbled and eternally thankful.. it will be interesting to see where I take this from here .. coz I would never like to forget it..
And to think I thought its a joke they are trying to do 😛 and I would hate it but Krishna won me over!

I think he’s the only God, I relate most with.. he has made sense for me at so many difficult times e.g. during childhood, during MBA days through IPLE course and now during my course of my job crisis..

Love, Love, love…

Happy Janmashtmi, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna !!starplus-mahabharat-promo




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