ZINGOGRAPHY : Tech/Product/UX/Startup Update # 10 – PM ToolKit

Please consider every PM to be a works-person, who needs tools apart from their skills to do a good job out of a situation! Every worksmith/ carpenter/ chef, etc. is incomplete without their toolbox so its important as a Product Manager to be sure of your own sharpened tools basis your experience, intuition, comfort/compatibility, etc.Continue reading “ZINGOGRAPHY : Tech/Product/UX/Startup Update # 10 – PM ToolKit”

Is India even close to the #MeToo Movement?

There has been some recent discussion in Indian Media regarding how India needs a #MeToo movement! I can’t help but agree. It makes me feel sick that how a Female is made to feel so little physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically basis her Gender/sexuality/ right to expression. I had been feeling very strongly about gender discriminationContinue reading “Is India even close to the #MeToo Movement?”

Current Global Economy Scenario

Yes – it is worrying & highly concerning! Disclaimer : Am no Global Policy or Economics Expert, am a Digital Product Specialist with my own vested interests for causes, people I love & care. But I do credit myself to thinking well for the World & be able to suggest from my experience & in-depthContinue reading “Current Global Economy Scenario”

Recent Thoughts on Political Views including Liberalism

This is a result of meeting someone awesome that you are completely in awe of as well as lots of drinking sessions with a bunch of uninhibited people who have their hearts & minds at the right place. I am heavily convinced that people are same everywhere in the world – there are conservatives whoContinue reading “Recent Thoughts on Political Views including Liberalism”

ZINGOGRAPHY : Tech/Product/UX/Startup Update # 9

For all the curious beings about AB Testing & Product Management

ZINGOGRAPHY : Tech/Product/UX/Startup Update # 8

Today I wish to compare the startup spaces in Indian & European Context. Those who read this should know that I share this majorly for my own clarity & perspective and if it helps others then great! Recently, I have been focussing on 3 main things apart from my daily work & travel : ReadingContinue reading “ZINGOGRAPHY : Tech/Product/UX/Startup Update # 8”


Sharing my list of most useful Apps (based on popularity, experience, usefulness) : WhatsApp Gmail Twitter Instagram Amazon Google Maps Wikipedia YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Last two are my least favourite of all – they are just latching around for lack of options! Will add more in due course.   There shall be changes in comingContinue reading “ZINGOGRAPHY : TECH/PRODUCT/UX/STARTUP UPDATE # 7.5”

Indian Gifts that will shine always #2018

YOGA Ayurveda Indian Education System Family Ecosystem Business Culture of the small families, SMEs & SHGs Mahabharat + Ramayan epics Peace – Buddha, Gandhi, Jainism Message Technology Outsourcing yep – The Brain Drain! Strong depth of History & Culture What India needs to be known for even more : Creating an indigenous model for ruralContinue reading “Indian Gifts that will shine always #2018”

Mithali Raj – Second Blog in 6 mths!

http://www.livemint.com/Sports/P2K1h746W6lHenFvfNWYZJ/Mithali-Rajs-long-innings.html This article made me write a 2nd blog on her! I feel so much common with her that its difficult to describe in words. The struggle, standing up for self, not giving up on one’s values, keeping parents & performance first – these are the simple but strong values that middle class girls inContinue reading “Mithali Raj – Second Blog in 6 mths!”

Human’s Stay on Earth

Have been thinking lately (these thoughts are definitely not based on any recent developments but are based on my observations, interactions, discussions, reading over the past known years).. am quite certain of following views as well : I do not think that Humans were supposed to breed on this planet, this planet was (if) createdContinue reading “Human’s Stay on Earth”