ZINGOGRAPHY : Tech/Product/UX/Startup Update # 8

Today I wish to compare the startup spaces in Indian & European Context. Those who read this should know that I share this majorly for my own clarity & perspective and if it helps others then great!

Recently, I have been focussing on 3 main things apart from my daily work & travel :

  • Reading a lot about new skill sets essential for PM especially like Deep Learning, Data Mining
  • Linking it with my current Work & Profile as well as Future Roles that I wish to do
  • Collaborating it with other PMs in different sectors/industries/companies

And there are some Key Insights regarding Different Geographical Consumer Tech companies that I have concluded :

  • Focus in Indian Companies (Startups as well as Big Ones) is to scale
  • Focus in European Companies is to understand the consumer behaviour first & sync all departments of technology, data, customer service towards that ONE Customer Proposition/their USP which will help them Succeed while focussing less or almost nothing on others
  • In US Companies, they go for massive funding & their aim is that – once establishing a prototype (more or less that with a short term vision)
  • SEA are replicating Chinese models more or less in terms of consumer personas as well as Tech Propositions
  • MENA regions are going like Indian Conglomerates – slow & cautious for the models that are already well proven for success

Let me also talk about a few skills which are becoming redundant as in they are understood that you will have when you apply for Product Roles :

  • Digital Marketing
  • Product Design & Strategy
  • KPI Metrics Management
  • Project Management
  • P&L Ownership
  • Business Development
  • Hiring & Training

These are the new skills towards which you need to show inclination & an aptitude for – please remember that though these may seem new worlds, their nuances are based in subjects well introduced to us. So let me give the picture complete for better understanding :

  • Machine Learning/AI/Deep Learning : Maths, Statistics, Computer Science for Coding
  • Blockchain : Telecom, Communications, System/Server Integration
  • AR/VR : Electronics, Robotics, Graphic Designing
  • 3D Printing : Biotechnology, Engineering Drawing

Personally I enjoy first 3 a lot & keep looking how it can be valuable in my current scope of work!


Thoughts on Companionship

Since this topic is a lot on my & my parents’ minds – I thought of exploring it better & structuring it for getting some key insights out!

As a kid, as far as I can remember – I have always enjoyed others’ company & guidance, infact it has been almost a shortcoming like every other kid where they look for approval of others in everything.
I have also enjoyed making special friends who I can confide in & can spend time with, share lunches, viewpoints, learn from, etc.

As I grew up – I started looking at it as a BIG cause for my well being & that is where I went wrong a bit. I started over depending for every small emotional & needs on others which resulted in unnecessary emotional baggage!

But there has been something that I have learnt about companionship – IT CHANGES with TIME. And I have always looked at future possible relationships with the thought that things can change anytime coz of no fault of either parties. So there is no point in stressing over something that is frivolous in its nature.
There is another fact I have learnt that with plenty of external responsibilities, expectations – it has become more & more a thing of convenience. Which people develop & then break off as per their convenience. Even I might have done the same to others UNKNOWINGLY coz I know I cant do it on purpose.

Most of the reasons I have distanced from others is because they have resulted in making me the kind of person I don’t wish to be (mostly clingy & emotional). And it has always felt right after distancing myself from most of them. Some of them I have tried to touch base again for some reason & they have been great or many have not depending on situations on both sides.

Hence I have decided to be extremely careful about where I would invest my emotional energies & how which I believe is a good sign. It is important that people are busy & passionate, achievers in their own rights in their own fields. There should only be some necessary attachment or need for support which should be provided when really required.

But mostly the Best Ideal Companionship lets you be the Best Version of Yourself that you can be! I don’t think its clingy, its downgrading, it maybe makes you think a bit at necessary times but I do think a healthy functional relationship is positive, encouraging & motivating, supporting for mutual benefit.

And my aim is that only in any of the relationship/ friendship I seek – I find it very suffocating when it becomes selfish & malicious, power play, abusive as these are not the traits that I have grown up with & permit to stand on value system.

And I have decided that I will not accept sub – standards come what may in terms of work, husband, girl & boy friends, hobbies, any ecosystem associated with me. #GodSpeed #WillNotRelent

Growing Up in India!

Growing up in Indian Middle Class society can be a bit middle aged like… and if one is growing up in an industrial colony then one can be more shielded in terms of what world has to offer!

In my experience too, I felt the world coming alive in its full potential & form only once I started working which is early to mid 20s! I believe that’s the difference between our kids & west where they are exposed to the full force from mid to late teens so we are about 7-8 years behind them in that exposure!

What happens is that we have a bit more refined way of approaching the new forms of life – living on your own, taking care of household needs, bills & utilities, safety + security, greeting up to strangers, transportation, planning savings + travel, etc. So our scope of error is lesser but we adapt faster as well.

Their social setting of Letting Things Go at individual & family level is what sets them apart! That doesn’t mean unleashing the devil absolutely but basically not bothering too much about every little thing is AWESOME!

For me to adapt to that at individual & family level to SLOWLY LET THINGS SHAPE UP has been the most ARDUOUS PROCESS!

Learning to build the blocks gradually & not giving up, shaping up oneself with time, enjoying small moments along the way, not giving up on ones values, Letting things be especially the ones which are not in one’s control HAS COME WITH A LOT OF EFFORT FROM INSIDE! It may seem so stupid & so so inconsequential but then one knows what one goes through.
For me applying myself, committing myself to a cause, adapting, pushing comes easy but Letting Go comes with A LOOOOTTTT of EFFORT! 🙂

One more important learning for me has been how to not lose your direction, your spirit for an obstruction – maybe one has to sacrifice on the speed/momentum a bit but don’t ever GIVE UP for anything! Become only stronger, resilient to everyone!

Another has been to give up on WHAT OTHERS THINK – That just doesn’t matter for the Hell!! One should be intuitive to what others are upto & are thinking but never give in to others intention.

Just believing in the Good & let your Karma do the talking has been my simple mantra for sometime!






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