Mithali Raj & Indian Women Cricket Team – A salute!

Who has not been impressed enough with the recent show of our ladies in the Cricket World Cup 2017 with their gallant march to the Finals by taking one world class team after the other down!

They took everyone by surprise with the inexperience in their team & played excellent knocks of 100s & taking multiple 5 wickets especially by Spinners. Indian team looked inspired, motivated & FRESH! They were wanting to go for the Kill & looking to WIN all the time.

Words fail me to impress Mithali Raj who has become a role model for me for sure with her cool headed & non interfering approach, solid knocks & smiling yet confident personality. Her body language exuberates Modesty, Dignity, Mental Strength, Defyness, Eagerness to prove all wrong against all odds.
Her story has impressed me & am sure so are the stories of 14 other girls who have come against various odds in their lives to perform at the big arena & become a world class player! Its not easy & everyone should know that.

In India, women sports is not really looked upon as a career option after so many years of Independence, Education. Though things have changed & we have had some national heroes like Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Sindhu, PT Usha, Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik recently. But we are nowhere when compared to West & our culture, mindset has to go a long way to change for things on ground to change. Money shall flow, management shall improve if we get more & more acceptance from Society & Families at grass root level.

Perhaps this is the reason why I am so heart-broken at Ladies not winning the Cup. Rest am sure they have done more than their best & have made us so so so Proud while giving us so many moments to cherish & cheer for! Am still rooting for Women IPL to start soon.

Heart goes out to Mithali & Jhulan – am hoping against hope that they will give next World Cup another chance for us as they still have a lot to offer.

Rest am sure, things will change for the better! Amen


Its difficult to explain what’s THAT!


One more Mumbling Blog Basically but I love it as I get to see my jumbled thoughts in terms of sentences & then basically understand after a few days if its trash or sense!

It is most difficult for me to feel purposeless in Life – probably in reality am not, its just that my mind becomes so numb because of the nothingness (clouds) that I find am not able to see the clear picture.
Sometimes these clouds only help us in protecting against the harshness 🙂 however it is always preferred to face the Moment of Truth & work around it, grow & better – strive & win.

I hate being sidelined maybe its a childhood problem of always wanting attention, importance – Yeah that is what it is exactly.

Having said that – it makes a lot of sense + value to me to keep striving to be a better person everyday to keep moving in direction that I have always wanted to be. Some of the accelerators in this direction are : Right People, Good Books, Travel, Work Experience, Hobbies like Yoga, Growing + sharing with Family/Friends, Health Focus !

Wish to be able to keep my Mind around the Same Objectives!

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