My Daily Routine

Wake Up : Between 7 and 8am.. The morning routine and checking news, sometimes do Yoga/meditation.

8am : 9am – Get Ready for Work by having a cup of tea, taking bath + getting ready.

Start work by 930am – Like a normal sane person, I like to go through the list of important deliverables for the day and the ones which are also critical from the near future standpoint. Then starts the work for assembling for the deliverables to be achieved – talking to zillion people, following up on million*million small tasks.
Keeping your superiors informed, taking their consent is the most frustrating task in the current headspace. Since we work in a stealth startup mode, not one person will take the call for any small execution as well.
Getting them on one page & ensuring closure of tasks proves to be like a huge mountain climb every time.
Add to that multiple perceptions floating around & managing amongst that conversations, reactions.

Around 1pm : 2pm – When I have my lunch with colleagues/friends, take a small walk around office and come back to our desks.

2:30pm : 7:30pm – Second round of follow-ups, chasing people, bouncing new ideas on white board to set your user journeys more optimised + functional internally & with vendors. Respecting everyone’s viewpoints while not negotiating on the main business objectives and ensuring a healthy work environment becomes all too overwhelming.

Post 8pm – When you arrive home, you still find yourself alive & breathing however feeling lighter post the day spent. But with no energy to workout … Yes its not good but not everything is as you desire.
Unwinding happens by talking to friends, tidying up the home, internet surfing, etc.
Around 9 pm – Talk to my family, eat dinner – check for movies, sitcoms to see.
Sleep by 11pm.

Some things to watch for :
– Do not over think, over stress, over worry – nahi ho raha nahi ho raha.
– Come out affable, comfortable, approachable.
– Despite all the efforts, if still one is keeping you at distance then let it be.
– Let Go of everything you can’t control.


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