Mr. Rahul Dravid – am a late Fan but forever Loyal from hereon

Dear Mr. Dravid,

I am a no one to you – but let me tell you somethings about myself that will help you know me quickly & better. I am a girl from an educated service middle class North Indian family where Cricket & Movies find an undetachable relationship with dinner conversations, entertainment. More importantly they were the strong bond I shared with my Dad as I learnt a lot from him while discussing Cricket/tennis matches & Movies.

During late 90s, I remember my Dad used to adore you – when you used to come on crease he used to be more optimistic of Indian innings doing better, more than all your respect worthy counterparts (Sachin, Ganguly, Laxman). You had that aura of assurance, reliability that a matured man of 40+ would find most befitting.
When you used to score 10 runs of 50 balls, he used to clap & say he is building it, digging in. I just would not understand that how a strike rate of 20% be good for Indian team & I would a few times argue that it is just slowing us down & taking us away from a challenging total. He used to ask me to just wait & watch quietly.

How wrong I was & how correct you both mature men were I realised much later (towards mid of 2000s). You were of course the glue of valuable partnerships that won us matches overseas & become a power to fathom, you were the reluctant opener, wicketkeeper who tried & tried but also delivered. I don’t think I can write anything new here – as there have been experts & bigger fans who have given you odes for your contribution to Indian cricket team.

However, what I take away most from you is for the kind of human being you are – humble to the core, hardworking, simple, family oriented, great son among plenty others great qualities.
Some things which touched me beyond comparison were – your MCC speech, your narration for your Mom’s album, your retirement words, the way you carried on post retirement with dignity, your silent contribution in giving us Rahane, Pujara, Sanju & now how you are quietly building a strong bench by coaching India ‘A’ team.
I have read/seen so many interviews of yours – never have I read a word of frustration, negativity, haughtiness. There has been only words of trying to contribute more effectively towards the cause of our country becoming bigger & better.
For me – contributors like you are my idols & I consider you in the league of APJ Abdul Kalam, AR Rahman, Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Buddha who have silently done their jobs only but in doing so have moved the generations & inspired millions.

Thank you Mr. Dravid, you are the reason I would always listen more to my Dad!


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