MBAs are mostly calculative (a thought on this Teacher’s Day!)

I have a tendency to go back to different chapters, characters, important incidents not to remember embarrassments (eeks for last one)..
Of course MBA @XLRI Jamshedpur stands out as quite a course defining chapter which helped me stand out for sure and also gave me a gist about how future life is going to be.

I don’t remember being very happy for most of my MBA or rather even engineering or my higher school days – maybe because they were a lot about struggling to bring a lot of effort from my side which did not seem natural.
Also, as a person, I was not so travelled & exposed to different facets of life to understand myself, situations & others very well.

Now after 5 years of MBA & having gained certain exposure in the practical, corporate life – I still do not think that I would have done a better job though. 🙂

I am not very sure that for a reserved (I only open up in front of people who I feel would not judge me for being me which does not include my parents also most of the time as I find them hawking many a times) person like me how much being forced to interact for the simple reason of interaction be any good.
What I remember really desisting badly about MBA days was how quickly in first 5 days or so, groups were formed basis their cities of origins & how protective they became basis that. I also remember how quickly they started judging one another & more importantly competitive & distrusting.
People used to talk to one another only if they have some work from one another – this was something I could not fathom at all. I would not say that I did not try to fit in but I realised that if I really fit into all this then I will turn into someone that I don’t like at all.

I found a space for myself in this whole chaos – with very selective people who I interacted with on limited basis.
I found the strength & importance to be myself & hold on to only myself when everything around you goes for a toss.

What I needed was experience, networking with right people & launch myself in the direction from where there is no turning back. I do think now after 5 years into work-life, I have been able to achieve something in right direction.
So all in all calculative, desisting MBA but it helped maybe more because I stuck to my basics !

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers who make sure you turn to yourself most when you need help!


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