We kids of 90s and young working consumers of 2010s..

We, kids born in late eighties, were lucky to be born in an era where the economic independence was ushering in and hence we have seen the likes of McDonald’s, Dominoz coming into our lives when we kids used to bargain eating there with our parents.
More importantly we have luckily lived our lives before mobile phones and internet became irreplaceable items in our lives. We valued our family times,festivals, meals,gully cricket, once in a year visit to restaurant and movie theatre.
Summer vacation was about visiting our maternal grandparents home.

We were kids who are now in late 20s and hence growing into the main force of work as well as consumer force.
Our parents have been mostly govt officials and we have spent our lives with limited resources and small houses with verandah, gardens mostly govt quarters.

We have seen the struggle side of our & our parents’ lives yet we were decently provided for food, clothes,games and yet there was intense pressure on us to perform and do well in studies. Only way we could exceed in life and secure ourselves was through studies.

We also did that whatever best we could, as a result you see the big IT force being developed and now the startup force growing. We were expected to behave ourselves and work hard on all subjects, go through the grind. The topics of relaxation, laid back, take it easy, etc. were alien to us till we got our feet on the ground on our own. We were not given pocket money and were expected to come back home straight after school,college.

Today’s kids are so different, though they are smarter, sharper, more aware.. I feel they lack intent to exceed.

Time will tell more..


More thoughts on my last Facebook post..

About a month back I had put up a Facebook post about which I feel very strongly towards however to majority it is a touche` or tentative subject on which they do not share their honest views openly which I understand.
The post was regarding how most of my school, engineering, MBA friends end up abroad (mostly USA) and how other people here also appreciate their lifestyles more than India.
I remember it was based on my interactions with friends, their posts on social media and their in general perception about living in India.

Though I have to admit that there are others like me who are fighting it out here for logical practical work reasons and not just emotional reasons which I truly appreciate. Especially the entrepreneurs who are daily trying to make something new despite challenges are my favourite.

I thought that it is important I describe myself more here and share my viewpoints in hindsight so I can be understood where am coming from.

I do agree that a lot of recent Indian growth, development, investments, revolutions of sorts be it retail, IT, telecom, internet, e-commerce, startup culture is inspired from western stories. The learning, consumer insights, equipments developed in there have helped our adoption easier and faster.
I also truly appreciate how western market has attracted some great talent from worldwide and also appreciated them lately with so many non first-gen Americans becoming leaders of best brands.

However, it is the general hoard or the trend that gets created of every engineer, MBA or even a girl after marriage to end up in USA which I find difficult to fathom.
This is unhealthy and not required to be appreciated/encouraged blindly for sure.

India has been independent only for 68 years after 200 odd years of foreign enslavement. Even for 100 years before that (mostly after Akbar & Maratha rule ended) India has not been very assertive about its power and growth. While the world saw so many revolutions based on social, economic, political, ideological, cultural, scientific reasons – India was not allowed even a window view inside it. We were made to suffer, struggle by our non appointed rulers & guests in the name of religion, culture, poverty.

It took America also 200+ years to become an economic leader pushed by 1st and 2nd world wars when Europe damaged itself beyond repair.
India shall gain that position on the basis of its human talent(academics), manpower, young population, pro technology society and spirituality too shall play an important role. It is imperative that we learn from America’s & other Western world’s mistakes & don’t end up screwing out society like theirs. We can definitely do away with their non-human touch, almost no concern for family concepts, too much commercialism in everything.

Somehow I feel positive, it could be as our government is trying its best to make India appear as the centre of investments and talent and we are the only country that can achieve double digits growth from here on.

I love my country and I will try my level best to make it the best – nobody is taking that from me, even the best guy in the world.. He will have to be based here!

I like Friends who…

  • Don’t look at time while responding to your calls/messages
  • Say what they feel like not necessarily true/right but in an acceptable tone
  • Give you Respect & space
  • Like to stay in touch & keep a check on what’s happening in your life
  • Do not look at your bank balance, looks, clothes while befriending you but only how you touch their hearts
  • Plan trips together
  • Give the person in front, around some consideration before speaking or making a decision
  • Love to laugh, smile, share +vity around
  • Always give right advice
  • Keep no malice even when things go wrong (Despite abuses, anger)
  • Don’t bring drama when things matter.. and loads of it otherwise 😉
  • A few added : Help you achieve what you want to & don’t find necessary strength for
  • Are most natural & at ease + make you feel at home immediately as well

As Robin in HIMYM last episode said that “We’ll always be friends. It’s just never going to be how it was. It can’t be. And that doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Look, there’s so much wonderful stuff happening in all of our lives right now. We’ve more than enough to be grateful for. But the five of us hanging out at MacClaren’s, being young and stupid…it’s just not one of those things. That period is over”

Things change, situations do – the love in our hearts & memories in our mind spaces that lead us to create something purposeful with ourselves without which we are not much. Former is never in our hands but latter is.

Personally, I have over grown people who were once close for faults or without, for good times or bad.. We have just likened more to grow up without each other than against.. Am not sure if that’s true friendship, perhaps not. Its more of companionship for convenience. There have been plenty strangers, many companions but very few cherished friends with whom one has always ended up having a great time, who have given the right advice no matter what & most importantly who have loved you back with whatever they have got.

I have always believed in keeping my friends close (& enemies closer) by making efforts to keep a tab on them.. Its nice to see how much we have grown with time & have evolved into better & bigger human beings!

But its nicer to see that with time the dependency on them for your happiness has almost vanished & you just value people who are just themselves which is happy & yet fill the gaps in not so obvious or dramatic way..

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