The focus has to be consumer solution at the core..

This line is inspired from my experiences with people, where I have noted that people who have done ultimately well in life have had some matter within himself or herself. (Am referring to people who have genuinely done well).
These people have answered questions that nobody could with same conviction and have found some strong connect with grassroots.

Same, for the startup space I feel, it has to answer some untouched aspect of life or the existing aspect in a never seen ever way.
Just changing packages or prices or faces shall not take you long. It has to be your product design, it’s user friendliness, its capability to touch base on all problem statements that sets you apart.

I somehow do admire Rahul Yadav in this aspect that at core, he says the right thing about focusing on customer solution and about solving a problem statement. However, apart from this he goes berserk in simple work professionalism, expressing himself, developing work relationships rapport or keeping a check on his material ambitions. Maybe he thinks there is nothing wrong in him but I do think he will need to be a bigger person to be more successful. The fact that he has potential and history to back him is great.

Somewhere, I have realised this is what I wish to do – to create solutions based on my understanding of technology, retail channel, economics with a special ingredient of creativity but basically providing some unique answers for consumers at mass scale.
The core, the root, the soul can’t change.. The way of presenting it has to adapt itself with time.

Right now am trying to do that with a telecom company that.. How well I do it, time shall answer.



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