My advice to Delhi Girls .. though I feel they won’t take it!

Delhi girls are a favourite topic of many conversations – when guys want to showcase a typical syndrome of girl or when you think of common names like Neha/Pooja alongwith the typical (Sorry for the repitition of the word) traits in a girl like overfussiness over her looks, her complexion, repetitive usage of word bhaiyaji, checking every other girl out that stands near them from top to bottom!

I come from Allahabad + Ahmedabad & have spent most of my time away from city life. My exposure to the metros only comes from my early occasional visits to the place, when I went to XLRI for MBA and after I started working. I definitely do think that Delhi girls even though being good at heart and loving, affectionate really need to go a long way in terms of growing up & accepting some cruel realities to have a more mature & reserved response.

Also to mention, these are purely based on my experiences & must be taken with a pinch of salt

– Please stop depending on your father, boyfriend, brother, male colleague to help you get ahead of the queue or get you to save the crowds at Metro stations. Facing adversities & harsh situations is as much your right as much theirs. Please insist on taking care of yourself on your own.

– Please start giving more value to the material inside than to the ones outside as they last longer & are the true gems/jewels/beauty to possess.

– Please stop giving up on your education/career for the sake of your families. Your education is not a mean to just help you get a good husband but it is a support for you to pave a way towards being a complete self dependent & qualified individual with sound power of decision making & choices.

– Please stop looking to other girls around you with envy/competition or jealousy. They are as much a human like you are and it will be great if all of us can be a force together than against each other.

– Please don’t shriek your voice at first disagreement itself. There are methods of getting your point across & shrieking or quarrelling just makes for a bad loser.

– All in all, relax a bit more and start trusting yourself more than anyone else. Learn to be a woman of substance & please don’t be afraid in moments of adversity – they are just here to test you & your patience. I am glad to be going to Bombay though 🙂


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