Yoga & Me

Understanding of the benefits of Yoga directly happened to me quite late in life in 2014 when I joined Yoga classes to fight work pressure & as a form of physical exercise plus relaxation.

However, i have always been a sports person since the age of 5 which meant a lot of cardio, physical exercise, stretching. So I was doing floor exercises as a part of physical education & sports however as I learnt later these are a part of Yoga routine. Over the years I also learnt another very important tool of self-connect which was meditation. For an anxious & impatient person like me, it proved to be a best friend.

Somewhere I was convinced of the power of both – sports & meditation in providing a wholesome mental & physical health enhancement.
Yoga is the exact answer to both these important tools & somewhere its impact if practiced regularly with dedication is something to be seen to believe.

I started doing it in July 2014 & have learnt a lot through it – most importantly the fact that it is important to have a grip over one’s mind & life. Also it is important to slow things down & spend more effort in doing them properly – something on the lines of “focussing on your karma with no eye on the expected results”.

Moreover, the biggest benefit was that I have not suffered from common cold, fever, influenza for last 1 year – this has never happened before. It is all thanks to the breathing exercises & hence clearing my sinus, lungs to certain extent. Thank You Yoga & Kanika a lot for this.

Another beautiful thing happened through collaborating learning of Yoga along with that of Bhagvad Geeta. Somewhere you are able to appreciate the learnings of the old & brave more if you practice Yoga.

On the International Day for Yoga on 21st June, I hope & wish that more & more people appreciate the benefits of Yoga in its true form rather than just taking as a routine, exercise. Though if you just practice it blindly then also it will result in something good only. True benefit of Yoga is when you do each & every stretch, take each & every breath while putting all the focus of each cell of your body into that particular effort.

In America, China – people have taken Yoga to another level by adapting it fantastically well in the daily modern lives through Yoga parks, Yoga parlours, street events. India & especially its youngsters need to appreciate it same way too.

I am happy that I did Yoga & can talk about its benefits, hope it only multiplies.


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