Yoga & Me

Understanding of the benefits of Yoga directly happened to me quite late in life in 2014 when I joined Yoga classes to fight work pressure & as a form of physical exercise plus relaxation.

However, i have always been a sports person since the age of 5 which meant a lot of cardio, physical exercise, stretching. So I was doing floor exercises as a part of physical education & sports however as I learnt later these are a part of Yoga routine. Over the years I also learnt another very important tool of self-connect which was meditation. For an anxious & impatient person like me, it proved to be a best friend.

Somewhere I was convinced of the power of both – sports & meditation in providing a wholesome mental & physical health enhancement.
Yoga is the exact answer to both these important tools & somewhere its impact if practiced regularly with dedication is something to be seen to believe.

I started doing it in July 2014 & have learnt a lot through it – most importantly the fact that it is important to have a grip over one’s mind & life. Also it is important to slow things down & spend more effort in doing them properly – something on the lines of “focussing on your karma with no eye on the expected results”.

Moreover, the biggest benefit was that I have not suffered from common cold, fever, influenza for last 1 year – this has never happened before. It is all thanks to the breathing exercises & hence clearing my sinus, lungs to certain extent. Thank You Yoga & Kanika a lot for this.

Another beautiful thing happened through collaborating learning of Yoga along with that of Bhagvad Geeta. Somewhere you are able to appreciate the learnings of the old & brave more if you practice Yoga.

On the International Day for Yoga on 21st June, I hope & wish that more & more people appreciate the benefits of Yoga in its true form rather than just taking as a routine, exercise. Though if you just practice it blindly then also it will result in something good only. True benefit of Yoga is when you do each & every stretch, take each & every breath while putting all the focus of each cell of your body into that particular effort.

In America, China – people have taken Yoga to another level by adapting it fantastically well in the daily modern lives through Yoga parks, Yoga parlours, street events. India & especially its youngsters need to appreciate it same way too.

I am happy that I did Yoga & can talk about its benefits, hope it only multiplies.


Connecting Dots… [Past..]

Somewhere I have always been an advocate of understanding yourself fully first before committing yourself to a cause/entity/person for lifelong.

Some of us have been enlightened quite early with your purpose, your true passion to lead on that path very early on! Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, AR Rahman are few names from India who prove the above line.

However, most of us are not so fortunate to be enlightened so early on & even if one is enlightened – one might not be fortunate to have everything from family support to circumstances fall into place for one to be extremely successful.

While for me individually, it was sports that formed my true calling & gave me a passion to follow – somewhere I lost on the opportunity to lead a life of a sportswoman. What I found from it is forever though & utilised in the current space to be a successful businesswoman with substance to offer.
I see the resilience, the zeal to do well every time I face a tough opponent, the never let go approach proving useful in my career as well.
This sports stint along with the theatre stint also told me that the age of 6-12 is the best phase to influence a kid positively so every parent should make effort to push their kid to explore his/her talents apart from daily curriculum.

While I was preparing for MBA, during my MBA & work life – I realised the importance of having a creative vent for my complete mental development & satisfaction hence I decided to take up photography which helped me get an extra eye & window to see things around differently.
Also, because of my career demands I was expected to be in the market, clients place very often so required to travel & adjust to different environments, people, culture very quickly. Somewhere when I did not use to do the exploration, I used to feel displaced – so I started travelling & exploring a lot of new places.

And of course, nothing is complete without the love of your family & friends.

These have been my significant dots that I connected for my future path’s success & glory. Same & many more enlightment to you all..

My Dream compartmentalised .. more refined,defined [Future..]

  1. Family Dream : To have a beautiful small family with loving husband & 1-2 kids with an urban comfortable apartment & a family home in mountains where it rains & is extremely green. To be a calm, confident, educated professional who is loving, compassionate. To find an awesome guy – the best in the world!
  2. Work Professional Dream : To have or work for world best Digital solution + Mktg + Branding + Infography agency. Be an individual name to reckon in Digital solutions space for consumers in terms of innovation, development & implementation. Not just Zuckerberg (capitalising on one idea).. but multiple ideas/solutions in different fields.
  3. Dream for Passion/Hobbies : To travel all across the world & click the unseen pics ever, make documentaries of interesting people/places
  4. Social Dream or Dream for Compassion : To start a school + Yoga house as I dreamt since long & have spoken most
  5. Personal Push Dream for growth/development : NYIP course, Ivy League MBA


My professional career & current status [Present..]

Where I am currently & what I am interested in (Digital Product Solutions) is divided in 3 stages:

– Product Innovation Cell (dominated by IITians & extremely critical to be fast evolving)
– Business expansion & ownership (most of the MBAs with engineering degrees fall here – including me), easiest I feel compared to the other two..
– Customer Delivery if product needs delivery (weakest link currently in India & needs maximum investment & focus)

I fall into the venn space of 20% of first and 80% of second stage.. which gives me a lot of ownership to execute ideas..
My btech degree with retail sales (offline+online) experience tends to fulfill this well.. what my work experience though does not bring into light is my creative bend of mind which I think is my USP to blend a learning from painting class into e-commerce space to turn into something bigger..

I wish to become more significant in this space & provide more easy to adapt solutions for Indian consumers (especially in rural & tier 2/3 cities) along with ensuring the execution..


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