The phase when you filter more & more people!

Filtering out people who don’t seem to believe in you.. who you don’t seem to get along well with, despite effort gives a lot of clarity in life & helps in shaping it a lot more suitable to your overall aim of being a happier & calmer person!
I don’t mean to have people who tend to be yes-men (or women), I believe to have people who inspire you to be better, you speak for themselves but happen to touch a chord base with you and most importantly who make the going through tough times easier.

In past 6 months I believe, I have tried to act a lot more stubborn by refusing to take anything (mostly harsh words) which seems to be unacceptable to me. My parents feel it has a lot to do with hormonal issues but I feel it has to do everything with my determination to becoming more self sufficient & independent about my approach! I don’t feel guilty about it somehow..

Getting rid of a lot of people (relatives and some friends) who seemed to stake control in my life wrongly seems to be the best decision so far..
I don’t know exactly how my destination will turn out to be but I am quite sure for now I feel a lot more free & empowered with this action..

I would rather have few but those who believe in me & my methods than those who enjoy showing me lesser..


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