The phase when you filter more & more people!

Filtering out people who don’t seem to believe in you.. who you don’t seem to get along well with, despite effort gives a lot of clarity in life & helps in shaping it a lot more suitable to your overall aim of being a happier & calmer person!
I don’t mean to have people who tend to be yes-men (or women), I believe to have people who inspire you to be better, you speak for themselves but happen to touch a chord base with you and most importantly who make the going through tough times easier.

In past 6 months I believe, I have tried to act a lot more stubborn by refusing to take anything (mostly harsh words) which seems to be unacceptable to me. My parents feel it has a lot to do with hormonal issues but I feel it has to do everything with my determination to becoming more self sufficient & independent about my approach! I don’t feel guilty about it somehow..

Getting rid of a lot of people (relatives and some friends) who seemed to stake control in my life wrongly seems to be the best decision so far..
I don’t know exactly how my destination will turn out to be but I am quite sure for now I feel a lot more free & empowered with this action..

I would rather have few but those who believe in me & my methods than those who enjoy showing me lesser..


Notting Hill – my all time favourite movie..

Am a hopeless romantic & optimist at heart..

It is most proven by the kind of movies I adore & are on my repeat list which i prefer watching during my times distress..

Notting Hill happens to be one of them, which just makes me smile & feel good about being nice, simple, basic at heart as being most precious!
To me that’s the power of cinema – to communicate the simplest of feelings, thoughts, ideas in the most profound & touching manner.

Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant won me over with this film – I shall adore them always coz of this one film, though their previous & current credentials are great too but for me Notting Hill is all they mean when I think about them.

My favourite scenes are plenty – the gathering of friends alongwith the park scene with “You say it best…” playing in background is surreal but nice 🙂
The last bookshop scene with the standout dialogue of “am just another girl asking a boy to love her..” is brilliantly composed, written & performed. The way it ends on high with the character of Hugh, who was so uncomfortable with the limelight & press, having to become a part of the press to make Julia stay while all cameras, attention turns to him!

Pairing is perfect though I read Julia Roberts charging a bomb & Hugh Grant making not so nice comments about her mouth size (Come On Grant), still they did each scene with so much care & involvement.
It actually felt that this is Julia Roberts the most popular star, falling in love with a nobody in England, cute but nobody. They have never looked better, seemed the perfect timing for the movie to be made(early to mid 30s).
With 16 years having passed past the making of movie & how precious it holds a position in our hearts still proves itself to be a timeless classic.

This movie makes me believe more in miracles, in love & giving everyone around more chances than being judgemental.

There are so many little things that I want to remember – the painting, book shop, william james, how julia wanted normal so bad, how hugh was dazzled at first but felt normal polite & gentle everyone is for everybody else.. how they fix their first date in between a 5min interview questions.. the last scene on the bench of the park.. how perfect they look while walking together !

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.36.03 PM

Lovely, Thank You for making. Another beautiful review –

Found another Gem :

Metaphor for a word called “Job” !

I have referred to it as Devil but also know that it is the greatest learning that I have had while earning so to see a certain growth in myself & create a space for myself..

Maybe everything effective is supposed to taste bitter..!

I treat it as something that should not come across as being dragged though it should be a duty..
Something that you enjoy while doing, with whom you are doing, you should look forward towards, something you can’t have enough of!

Job should bring out your best, it should give you a sense of ownership! It should empower you do go that extra mile to achieve for yourself, for your institution..

First thing first – stop looking at yourself in any less light!

Loving yourself & self appreciation is as important as breathing.. one should be completely comfortable with oneself with all the goodiness as well as bad qualities..
This doesn’t mean one should be brash, rude & demeaning to others..

It simply means to be at peace with oneself, to see all the qualities you appreciate in life within yourself. Maybe there will be a gap but again to be at peace with it & wanting to cover on it slowly with sincere efforts..

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