My Granny – my current love of my life!

She’s one person along with my Mom who can make me full of happiness & positivity, take away all my problems, give some kind of resolutions to all my problems, make me smile always!
I don’t think words are enough to explain how I feel when am around these two people who make me feel all significant & very much required in the house & in their lives..

World can be harsh & staying away from your family tough as I have said many times earlier as well but the balm that a family can provide is irreplaceable.
Especially the words of the wise can be something you can turn to when in despair & seek wisdom from .. as they are the juices of a significant number of years of experiences.

There has been certain level of calmness, resolve & positivity I feel that has come inside coz of talking to my Granny as well as Mom. Plus it brought me closer to my family & give them further regard.

Thanks God! 🙂 A smile from the earth towards you filled with gratitude & love..!


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