Celebrating Womanhood in Corporate World

I shall share some things which I feel has helped me so far :-
– I have never thought as a woman but always as a manager or as a professional
– Have never asked for any advantages for being a lady/women nor any differential treatment..
– have always taken up challenging roles – ones that have not being doing well at all in the recent past.. be it DTH, fragrances, steel sales in Mumbai..
– I have shown keenness or rather extra ambition to be ready to travel as much possible for my jobs & different roles..across culture, cities, states
– Have focussed on working by aligning my team and boss closely & keep communication correct with supporting teams..
– Never taken unnecessary leaves & learn to draw a boundary to our personal lives..

What I have decided to work further to help myself & can suggest fellow working women also :-
– We tend to think alot & overthink at times – we should avoid it..
– We should never do any gender discrimination & so set our expectations correct..
– We should align our personal lives according to our professional demands – e.g. currently am working around to have that 30mins in morning or evening to do Yoga plus I don’t like giving up my personal time of 45min-1hour time before going to sleep when i do everything from planning, reading, chatting, breathing, smiling, dancing, etc. etc.
– Overall, don’t give up easily – every problem including personal ones have a way out & workplaces need more women as they are better managers anyday who make choices based on heart + mind..

In the end my wish is to do justice to myself as a working professional so much that I have a smile on my face when I look back & think about work life.. 🙂 its not a big deal



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