Best thing about coming to Delhi :) !

Best thing that has happened after comiing to Delhi has been – to come closer to what I was, what I am and what I wanna be..
Family’s presence became stronger..
friends who mattered came closer…
clicking got more diverse..
travelled new places with relish…
Found a new life with Yoga..
Loved the experience of Mahabharat show & reading Geeta..

All these things moulded me into becoming what I wanna be and am comfortable as.. Now am more secure, confident, more smiling, comfortable with myself..
I don’t bother about people much now & don’t run after things I don’t want..
Have more clarity in my head about things..
I came closer to what my ULTIMATE DREAM should look like 🙂

Lastly chachi’s incident taught me to re-organize my priorities as My health (physical & mental), family, hobbies and then work…
Just always be present Khuda… & let me be strong & patient in every situation..

Let me focus on Karma & Let Lord take care of everything else 🙂 …

images (6) keep-calm-and-let-karma-finish-it-32


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