Ultimate dream continuation…

the-farmhouse Neil Wyrick "Colors of Maine" at Falmouth Memorial Library

This realization of dream of farmhouse+yoga retreat house + school + cafe + photo studio seems a possibility if I start building brick by brick for it…

What I have
– Mgmt experience to run it..
– People skills to make them work for best..
– Passion, interest & belief..

I need to start looking for a area to build this up and get a design made from an architect… and get this constructed & built… with Love & care..

  • School shall have my teach for India associates run it..
  • Cafe ajay maybe..
  • Yoga retreat house – my Yoga teacher
  • Organic farming in farmhouse – sweta di probably..
  • Photo studio shall be my solace zone!

Hubli seems to be a good option with its location, climate and my previous experience there as a feasible option….
I shall reside there in my own space & world with my own set of loved ones and passions doing what I enjoy and most importantly living the way I wish to.. Happily, peacefully, contributing towards society in a +ve way, learning everyday, humbly, simply yet with a high thinking..


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