appreciation, confidence, happiness

You are yourself..! This is IT…

Many a times, we wish to be someone else – a famous sportsperson, artist, our boss, parents, relatives, etc. So much so that we try and do things like them too however one needs to identify & correct this mistake immediately.. You are yourself – most unique, most powerful, with infinite possibilities. Many a times, we unconsciously also behave like others – one needs to correct that too! Improving oneself & taking oneself towards the ideal self is a continuos and everlasting process… and one should keep collecting materials for it – willingness (1) being the first and most important, confidence (2) to bring about a gradual change and the content (3) with which to bring change and (4) lastly the discipline is needed to ensure the implementation…

It is important to be open to changes as well, however the ones without any conclusion for bringing about the change should be ignored easily.. In my own case – I don’t think there is any shortage of willingness.. Also the content bit am able to identify and bring to notice easily.. The fight becomes of confidence which I let others to impact easily.. – My boss, my loved ones, colleagues are the ones I allow to impact my skin.. That needs to stop & the membrane wall needs to be built up.. Whatever impure, harmful, dangerous, wrong imparted by them shall be filtered out by the membrane.. Only rose petals, positivity, good learnings shall be allowed to enter.. Similarly – my own tongue shall say things which are meaningful, positive, solution oriented,polite yet assertive & effective! PROMISE Made & shall be followed !! 10379792_10202740593010045_8976940292705588835_o


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