Last few days have been extremely heavy…

So has been the thought on my mind since some 10 days now that it has been a tough going in terms of work.. in a way that boss has decided to be harder in terms of demands as his new year resolution đŸ˜›

Its been so heavy that I am coming around 9, eating dinner and just going off to sleep after some meaningless fiddling with lappie.. I don’t remember to call back friends, check watsapp, do personal work, etc.
Only thought on my mind even after coming back from work is that what more can be done to do better..

However, the TCS incident made me sit back and again take note of how harsh and weirdly insensitive the corporate world is becoming..
So much that at the end of everything you don’t feel a sense of accomplishment.. You do it coz you are supposed to do it and not because you want to..

I don’t wish to be negative and want to go on doing my job with full gusto and enthusiasm.. Some pointers to further work on :-
– To come across as an approachable person always
– To always make work and team an enjoyable effort
– To be clear & meticulous in my demands
– To always come out as a friend first
– To be smart & pleasant about people internally & externally

I also wish to be neutral & unaffected about everything and everybody else & just focus on doing the RIGHT with a new approach everyday!
I think requirement is that we should work in such a way that it actually ads value to our personal growth as well.. – Being neutral, focussed, clear, polite, smiling, cool headed, confident, approachable, keeping people first are some similar techniques!

These days the only thing that gives me happiness is the possibility of travel and clicking on weekends!

DSC_0062 DSC_0049


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