The division of roles within our society and our role into it ..

This topic has been playing in my mind since sometime that what role do we as commoners, consumers, service class, middle class, economic driven, socially driven people play in the bigger picture of running a society/country/world..

For this I had to go back a little into the history of Indian society and other societies about how strata of people used to be described – the protectors in the form of soldiers, the teachers in the form of purjaris/brahmins, the functionaries/economic/consumer class or the traders and then the working class in the form of farmers,labourers, etc.

In my opinion the first, second and the last ones are the most important without whom the society will loose its sheen and can’t survive for sure.. also they are the most respectable in no definite order.. Most of us fall in the third stratum which forms the majority of the society and is perhaps the most lazy, consumption oriented, selfish, unpatriotic, ignorant, etc. category.

Not that there are not the good signs to it but very difficult to find high words to decorate this society.. Perhaps the most important function of this part is to ensure functioning, faster, better, happier, using lesser resources, bettering the means of functioning. Creating a better society is something that this category should aim to work for as the other three strata spend their blood, sweat, soul to ensure this one aspect remains safe and secure and happy..

Quite funny actually how we all try and look for some amount of respect for ourselves in an area that is not even meant for respect … May be something you are able to create in this space that exceeds the contribution/impact of either of these 3 then you will be able to earn some respect from your ownself at least.. Amen!



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