Ultimate dream continuation…

the-farmhouse Neil Wyrick "Colors of Maine" at Falmouth Memorial Library

This realization of dream of farmhouse+yoga retreat house + school + cafe + photo studio seems a possibility if I start building brick by brick for it…

What I have
– Mgmt experience to run it..
– People skills to make them work for best..
– Passion, interest & belief..

I need to start looking for a area to build this up and get a design made from an architect… and get this constructed & built… with Love & care..

  • School shall have my teach for India associates run it..
  • Cafe ajay maybe..
  • Yoga retreat house – my Yoga teacher
  • Organic farming in farmhouse – sweta di probably..
  • Photo studio shall be my solace zone!

Hubli seems to be a good option with its location, climate and my previous experience there as a feasible option….
I shall reside there in my own space & world with my own set of loved ones and passions doing what I enjoy and most importantly living the way I wish to.. Happily, peacefully, contributing towards society in a +ve way, learning everyday, humbly, simply yet with a high thinking..


Last few days have been extremely heavy…

So has been the thought on my mind since some 10 days now that it has been a tough going in terms of work.. in a way that boss has decided to be harder in terms of demands as his new year resolution 😛

Its been so heavy that I am coming around 9, eating dinner and just going off to sleep after some meaningless fiddling with lappie.. I don’t remember to call back friends, check watsapp, do personal work, etc.
Only thought on my mind even after coming back from work is that what more can be done to do better..

However, the TCS incident made me sit back and again take note of how harsh and weirdly insensitive the corporate world is becoming..
So much that at the end of everything you don’t feel a sense of accomplishment.. You do it coz you are supposed to do it and not because you want to..

I don’t wish to be negative and want to go on doing my job with full gusto and enthusiasm.. Some pointers to further work on :-
– To come across as an approachable person always
– To always make work and team an enjoyable effort
– To be clear & meticulous in my demands
– To always come out as a friend first
– To be smart & pleasant about people internally & externally

I also wish to be neutral & unaffected about everything and everybody else & just focus on doing the RIGHT with a new approach everyday!
I think requirement is that we should work in such a way that it actually ads value to our personal growth as well.. – Being neutral, focussed, clear, polite, smiling, cool headed, confident, approachable, keeping people first are some similar techniques!

These days the only thing that gives me happiness is the possibility of travel and clicking on weekends!

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1Year of Pooja Sharma as Draupadi in Star Plus Mahabharat

I have been quite a devoted fan of Pooja Sharma as Draupadi from the famed Star Plus Mahabharat including Pandavas, Krishna & many other characters from the tele serial. The tele serial coz it helped me understand myself and situations around me better, my objectives in life better with more clarity and confidence. Pooja Sharma coz she gave me an actress on Indian tele series to appreciate I think in a long time.

She came out as a professional who was confident yet humble in her first job, extremely pleasing to look at plus a lot to learn from – the way she conducts herself & choices of appearances. She came across as a today’s Young educated ambitious girl/lady like many of us and is quite simple, down to earth yet professional about her job.. Plus how brilliant a performer she is about a job which she was doing for the first time and how brilliantly she adapted despite it being a mythological character that today’s people run away from..

She played a character which is well established in people’s hearts and minds with various misconceptions and false stories. Yet she came out a winner by establishing the character as a strong, angry, focussed, righteous, dutiful, devoted to Krishna, loving, caring, smiling… Above all, she played the role with a lot of grace, poise… the effort showed be it in terms of the heavy jewellery, costumes she wore and carried off, the number of hours spent in getting ready for the role…the chaste Sanskrit laden Hindi she had to speak… Plus the range of expressions from Love to Anger, Sadness, Frustration, Pride – AMAZING!

She gave women a strong representation in the tele series and made herself an actress and a character to remember in times forever… I wish & hope that she goes on to do a-lot more great roles ahead and gets all the happiness in the world…

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The division of roles within our society and our role into it ..

This topic has been playing in my mind since sometime that what role do we as commoners, consumers, service class, middle class, economic driven, socially driven people play in the bigger picture of running a society/country/world..

For this I had to go back a little into the history of Indian society and other societies about how strata of people used to be described – the protectors in the form of soldiers, the teachers in the form of purjaris/brahmins, the functionaries/economic/consumer class or the traders and then the working class in the form of farmers,labourers, etc.

In my opinion the first, second and the last ones are the most important without whom the society will loose its sheen and can’t survive for sure.. also they are the most respectable in no definite order.. Most of us fall in the third stratum which forms the majority of the society and is perhaps the most lazy, consumption oriented, selfish, unpatriotic, ignorant, etc. category.

Not that there are not the good signs to it but very difficult to find high words to decorate this society.. Perhaps the most important function of this part is to ensure functioning, faster, better, happier, using lesser resources, bettering the means of functioning. Creating a better society is something that this category should aim to work for as the other three strata spend their blood, sweat, soul to ensure this one aspect remains safe and secure and happy..

Quite funny actually how we all try and look for some amount of respect for ourselves in an area that is not even meant for respect … May be something you are able to create in this space that exceeds the contribution/impact of either of these 3 then you will be able to earn some respect from your ownself at least.. Amen!


It has been a pleasure 2014.. Welcoming 2015 wholeheartedly!


2014 saw some awesome moments :-
– Starting with my Macbook coming in my life.. (material happiness :D)
– Surajkund Mela, Lodhi Garden, Khan Market, Jazz festival, etc. darshan around Delhi
– Amritsar+Kurukshetra+ Chandigarh travel.. Golden Temple was the high point!
– Sikkim+Darjeling trip
– Movement to Snapdeal
– Mom-Dad coming to stay for a month – probably the best
– New phone – Moto G2 + New camera lens – Prime 50mm f1.8
– New house and getting used to its ways and being blissful here 🙂
– Establishment of Mahabharat + Geeta in my heart & life – another favorite

2015 shall be awesome am sure :-
– Europe tour
– learning a new activity – santoor/animation
– becoming more happy, content & attractive looking..
– taking photography ahead in terms of publishing somewhere.. doing a few more unexplored adventure sports..
– doing new things @work – achieving new feats!
– Being less nervous, more confident, decisive, sure of oneself 🙂

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