The importance of struggle…

As I move from one chapter to another in terms of personal growth – I realise the importance of struggle before any significant achievement..

Struggle includes factors like unhappiness/disagreement -> want for change -> finding for ways to bring about a change -> try & fail unlimited times -> finding that one thing that makes you feel complete -> Happiness

I have realised this fact at different important stages – doing well in school, cracking XAT, doing well professionally at job (this one is like Life – some days are good, few are not, many are insignificant in terms of concurrence), doing well in hobbies like photography, drawing, dancing, etc.

Also, this fact can’t be ignored in some very important stories and others’ lives – Pandavas struggle before the victory in Mahabharat, Shwashank Redemption, Kill Bill, etc. Also recently the story & related sub-stories I closely followed were of that Star Plus Mahabharat & their characters/actors true stories and I had to appreciate the results of products of struggle.
Mahabharat teleserial in its ownself was a result of 5 years of struggle, thoughts, writings, reworking, etc. similar to Lagaan movie and the results were great to be seen of both.
Similarly its actors who played Draupadi & Krishna had their own personal struggles and still the amount of +vity is impressive. Plus their results in their crafts were above the rest and so good that it was obvious these are special actors.

Hence whenever Life tests your patience – you should smile at it willingly while making your efforts and trust that it will result into something good.

My plan for startup, world tour, family gets its answers from this… AMEN!



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