Some people seem so much on top of the game..!

I was reading Hrithik Roshan’s interview in Flimfare where he was describing how his life has been after divorce and brain surgery and how he has tackled all that to become a happier and stronger human being..
Its truely inspirational that he does not have a single negative, sad or demotivating word to say..

Then I am a huge fan of shipping two actors Shaheer-Pooja together and hence follow their activities regularly – currently they being in Indonesia, there are alot of appearances they are making together! Pooja here appears to be such a happy person without a single bone of boringness, sadness, negativity, etc. and still I find her to be one of the most calm, poised, approachable person on screen..!

I might be wrong about these people as we only see them from a distance..
But yes, its difficult to find a person like that in daily life in your family and work life..Maybe you find inspirational stories from a distance only 🙂

However, I don’t think that’s completely true though – many times i have been to others house or have met people who I feel have tackled a real life situation of reacting to a problem or a negative comment so much better than me.. I feel there is so much to learn from them…
I think it boils down to your frame of mind in every situation..
The one who is able to maintain a balanced, calm mindset all the time come out or appears to be the winner..
So the trick is that – come out of your self imposed guilt, troubled, over analyzed, over thought, over worried lifestyle..
Everything is A1 – you are healthy, your family is healthy, you have resources which only 1% people in this country can afford, you have a great future to pursue your dreams..!!

E.g. when my Yoga teacher tells me that there is nothing to analyze and overthink about – nothing is worth it.. I so believe in that..
Also, it is so important to let go.. and especially things that are not meant for..
What are meant for – you yourself will not be able to give all up..

Final tip – keep smiling always (if not outside then for sure inside)… Keep a positive, happy outlook always..! Give everything and everybody a chance, hear everyone out, always be energetic and wanting to fit in, problem solving, non-expecting, polite, approachable…
Let go of anger, jealousy, greed, violence, anxiety!

Last but not the least – a thought for the kids, parents, teachers, friends who lost their loved and dear ones in today’s brutal and the most highly condemnable act of terror!


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