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Current Status and people inside it…

The current situation is kinda weird in the sense that am enjoying being on my own and looking forward to settling down too..!
We girls, can hardly make up our minds really.. 😀

Today, after coming back from the family function – I again had that feeling of “kill me”, family especially some selective people have the power to make you feel urrrgggghhh!!
Families are important absolutely to give you the base and the anchor but I don’t think they have any rights to make you feel bad about yourself. I think they are supposed to be your defence mechanism from the world and not make you feel terrible by making not so required statements..
But i think you realize with time that you cannot control anyone and you cannot force yourself on anyone even family..!

After coming back I was just trying to make myself feel better, though the winters with rains in Delhi was not helping.. Hot tea, cozy bed and my laptop did..

I was thinking today, that in the current phase my set of friends have also changed – Mac is the only one probably from the MBA days, Deepak from the Tata Steel days, Ajay from the Airtel days, Sweta di from the childhood days, Sumeet, Hitesh, Snehal from the travel & photography days..
But its good to have them talk like sane people and not be judgemental plus enforcing or made up..
They are my friends who I have stayed in touch on basis of mutual understanding, liking & appreciation..

I would love to be associated with such people in future only and hope to be a good, honest person myself.. – smiling, polite, non expecting, energetic, loving, caring, wanting to be a better person always..!

Love & warmth for one and all…


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