The importance of struggle…

As I move from one chapter to another in terms of personal growth – I realise the importance of struggle before any significant achievement..

Struggle includes factors like unhappiness/disagreement -> want for change -> finding for ways to bring about a change -> try & fail unlimited times -> finding that one thing that makes you feel complete -> Happiness

I have realised this fact at different important stages – doing well in school, cracking XAT, doing well professionally at job (this one is like Life – some days are good, few are not, many are insignificant in terms of concurrence), doing well in hobbies like photography, drawing, dancing, etc.

Also, this fact can’t be ignored in some very important stories and others’ lives – Pandavas struggle before the victory in Mahabharat, Shwashank Redemption, Kill Bill, etc. Also recently the story & related sub-stories I closely followed were of that Star Plus Mahabharat & their characters/actors true stories and I had to appreciate the results of products of struggle.
Mahabharat teleserial in its ownself was a result of 5 years of struggle, thoughts, writings, reworking, etc. similar to Lagaan movie and the results were great to be seen of both.
Similarly its actors who played Draupadi & Krishna had their own personal struggles and still the amount of +vity is impressive. Plus their results in their crafts were above the rest and so good that it was obvious these are special actors.

Hence whenever Life tests your patience – you should smile at it willingly while making your efforts and trust that it will result into something good.

My plan for startup, world tour, family gets its answers from this… AMEN!



My evolution from an emotional person perspective..

No kid is an emotional kid or an aggressive/submissive kid.

Kids are kids.. they are pure mirrors sent by God of the surroundings..
If surrounding is loving, peaceful, calm, patient, caring then that is bound to show in kid’s behaviour..
My family atmosphere was that of loving, traditional, humble, hard working, sincerity, God fearing, education prone, laden with my dad’s temper, a bit on the fearing & negative side..
As a kid, I remember being quite friendly, polite, active in all kinds of activities, above average student and a clear leader because I was eldest within my family generation.. Also I was always seen with short hair & good crisp frocks thanks to my momma.. 🙂

it is only when the worldly pressures of studies, competition in class/friends circle come to fore – you are exposed to the not so pleasant well protected ways..
They test your character and probably bring some kind of changes in you as well – good/bad again character,family, future, behaviour of the person defines it..

The year of 2000 when i moved to Ahmedabad, my relationship dynamics with my old school friends took a shift however it only got better with time as they never let me go away from their hearts and neither did I..
But I think this change made me more of a clinger in relationships, somewhat submissive & over emotional, over thinking..
Its not right to always make one incident responsible for all the reactions but yes they do play a role and so do alot of other incidents e.g. how you react to a story, a movie, concepts of love, marriage, friendship, how well you take failure, how you respond in case of a conflict, how much self control you have …

I learnt to break this mould through my XL experience wherein I had no choice but to learn the concepts of letting go, focussing on oneself, being in control of your actions & reactions, doing the necessary work..
Thereafter worklife onwards I got a chance to implement these concepts and it was really helpful as I could keep a check on myself & my emotions in accordance with what is right for me to do..
So, to see, for one to do what is right for him/her one should know what that is – there are a few people lucky to understand that through their parents, friends, books, movies, etc. I happened to learn that through my experiences only despite having an idea of what is correct!
I think it was tougher but the learning was thorough..!

Another thing which I feel is a big plus for me is that I have a heart, a caring attitude for people that comes naturally…Am sure that though it troubled me a bit during the growing up years – this shall be my edge over the rest of the world…!!!

Paaaaallllllaaaaattt…..!! Never lose the essence of life… 🙂

Some people seem so much on top of the game..!

I was reading Hrithik Roshan’s interview in Flimfare where he was describing how his life has been after divorce and brain surgery and how he has tackled all that to become a happier and stronger human being..
Its truely inspirational that he does not have a single negative, sad or demotivating word to say..

Then I am a huge fan of shipping two actors Shaheer-Pooja together and hence follow their activities regularly – currently they being in Indonesia, there are alot of appearances they are making together! Pooja here appears to be such a happy person without a single bone of boringness, sadness, negativity, etc. and still I find her to be one of the most calm, poised, approachable person on screen..!

I might be wrong about these people as we only see them from a distance..
But yes, its difficult to find a person like that in daily life in your family and work life..Maybe you find inspirational stories from a distance only 🙂

However, I don’t think that’s completely true though – many times i have been to others house or have met people who I feel have tackled a real life situation of reacting to a problem or a negative comment so much better than me.. I feel there is so much to learn from them…
I think it boils down to your frame of mind in every situation..
The one who is able to maintain a balanced, calm mindset all the time come out or appears to be the winner..
So the trick is that – come out of your self imposed guilt, troubled, over analyzed, over thought, over worried lifestyle..
Everything is A1 – you are healthy, your family is healthy, you have resources which only 1% people in this country can afford, you have a great future to pursue your dreams..!!

E.g. when my Yoga teacher tells me that there is nothing to analyze and overthink about – nothing is worth it.. I so believe in that..
Also, it is so important to let go.. and especially things that are not meant for..
What are meant for – you yourself will not be able to give all up..

Final tip – keep smiling always (if not outside then for sure inside)… Keep a positive, happy outlook always..! Give everything and everybody a chance, hear everyone out, always be energetic and wanting to fit in, problem solving, non-expecting, polite, approachable…
Let go of anger, jealousy, greed, violence, anxiety!

Last but not the least – a thought for the kids, parents, teachers, friends who lost their loved and dear ones in today’s brutal and the most highly condemnable act of terror!

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