Ultimate dream!

Kashmir house
Kashmir house


I live in a farmhouse (preferably near mountains…)

My husband, kids & I do organic farming there..
As a family, our day starts with Meditation & Yoga..

We read books there, share stories, play games & sports, do barbecue together..

We go shopping to city together..

In the night we gaze at stars and then fall off to sleep..

Our venture (sthg social, creative, digital b2c (ecommerce)..) is doing well..

My school as innovation centre has also taken off.. kids esp girl kids from all nooks and corners are coming there and becoming humans of another race altogether..
They think new, they create on their own but they believe in Love & helping each other.. They smile alot.. They love me and come and share everything with me..
My kids also study there only.. and are one of the groups..

Twice a year, we take vacation as couple, family, friends to explore different unseen locations in the world and do never tried things..

We are giving, loving, gentle people who want to live happily & fully and give back to society in best way possible..



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