All my trekking experiences…!!

First one… I think the Chitrakoot walk of 5-7km.. (May 1999) Naah, I didn’t enjoy it and ended up getting tired after initital 1-2 km.. Second one.. the proper one.. Manali to Rohtang Pass.. (May 2006) I remember again getting tired as soon as the hard climb part started.. The village walk, plateau trail was manageable and enjoyable.. Third one.. XL adventure sports time.. (Aug 2008) Did alot – cave walking, rafting, rappling, rock climbing.. But the run towards the end was memorable.. Fourth one.. the one towards one of the forts.. (June 2012) Again not so tough but got out of breath after 3-4 hours of climbing.. Fifth one.. baby trek with Shailesh & friends.. (September 2012) Since this one was full of lovely friends and not so tough.. Highly enjoyable.. Sixth one.. Lake walk in Spiti… Dhankar.. (Aug 2013) It was tough on the steep climb side else walking again was no problem.. I was first to reach while walking downwards :)) Seventh one and latest one.. Vichitragad Fort climb.. (Nov 2014) The most rocky & thorny one.. and the only time with night trek.. 2nd steep climb was tough and muscle breaking.. But feeling of pushing was amazing..! Overall I think, I enjoy it more when I do it with my loved ones and people who know me well and motivate me well.. And the sense of feel good lingers for a lonnggg time.. :)) Keep Calm!image


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