How I feel, life has unfolded itself recently to me..

Small realizations about the turns and twists your life is important.. Where I am workwise, I feel is a result of what I wanted to do + what I was good at doing – Something on lines of business & digital space, sthg that serves/reaches directly to customers (retail), sthg creative, company which has young people around & is not so structured (Read: rigid) about its treatment to employees.. Personal space wise : I am doing what I denoted doing : Travelling, photography, social interests, Yoga & meditation.. I have realized I have learnt to be happy no matter what, be more practical than emotional keeping the heart quotient open as and when required, stop caring about what others think, started looking after myself & home more.. As a person because of my overconcerned nature about myself & others – I used to have more closed relationships, tend to be over worried always.. However, lately (more due to reading Geeta, watching Mahabharat, doing Yoga and being closer to what I am – Yep Delhi stay helped..) I have started being more free and happy with 0 guilt.. Though I always feel, Life is about living it in a way that its an example for others to follow + for you to impact it in a positive way others’ lives..and create optimism around! But there’s nothing that says that this life is not meant for being Happy with 0 guilt.. 🙂 So I accept this as my objective to achieve the ultimate goal of living a proud and happy life !! Will do.. Amen!


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