Your childhood defines the way you will be.. (hidden or obvious)

Today I was watching Manjunath movie and was quite taken aback by the rashness of the system..

Its not that I have not felt it earlier..
Infact, being from a premier b-school and getting into an industry (Steel) which is controlled by Govt., I had quite similar doubts,anxieties,anger,etc.

I remember feeling like a fool in front of these 1000Crore guys who would own an office on Marine Drive and also own us in a way..
They would expect us to do all the wrong stuff for them and toe their line.. especially us younger lot were nothing for them – just toys perhaps or maybe not even that..
Still I endured and when found no respect, decided to leave…

Manjunath was different – he decided to do the ultimate at the cost of his own life! Brave.. very brave..
And i don’t think it was foolish – it was his choice, we should respect it and try and ensure the goodness he left is continued in some or the other way..

Manjunath and other cases similar tell us that the childhood of ours, our upbringing, our parents, their words, values, their stories make our conscience. Be it righteous, strong, honest, hardworking or funny, loving, caring, music loving, responsible or escapist, opportunistic, embarrassed easily, coward, etc.

I don’t know exactly what all values I imbibed but honesty is something that I would live by till the very end..
Other which I can identify – self dependent, mature, responsible, family oriented, saving oriented, not materialistic, more home bound, lesser number of friends, humble, grounded..

These things are so simple yet so basic..

Today I was also thinking – I was 7 days late in due date (ya I troubled My Mom more) and perhaps all am trying to do with the rest of my life is to compensate that by being impatient 🙂

Such things keep making you feel light and interested about the Life..!


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