Its been a busy time Diwali onwards – though only work & Yoga taking my time..

I was just chking the views option and have found that they have decreased over the past one month – main reason being I have written very few posts in this last month!
Reason being – I had not much thoughts to share as I was focusing mainly on my work and health.. and I think this is how it is going to be from now on. Health shall be my priority going anywhere, doing anything.
Daily practicing Yoga – Twice for 20min at least is what I aim to be and to do.

Coming to other things – work is going on, lots keep happening as the industry is very dynamic. There are alot of things to focus in a limited time & with limited resources.
The results of each activity can be well digressed into.

Am going to Mumbai this week and quite looking forward to meeting a few old friends of mine..
The photographers lot somehow are quite close as we feel similarly towards Life – its no good without travel, friends and clicking šŸ™‚

On other things, my silly fascination for Arjun-Draupadi couple keeps the girly side of me alive..
Am buying alot of accessories, make up items thanks to a new cousin of mine..
Also I have realized I make the continental stuff – salads, sandwiches, brochette, stir – fry, egg items quite well..
The Indian stuff is only edible..

I didn’t get any clicking opportunity in last one week – that is the only thing I would like to do more..

Am very sure & confident – all this is taking me towards something bigger and important..


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