My piece of advice for the people seeking campus placements..!

I was an emotional wreck.. one of the worsts when it came to facing campus placements..I just couldn’t manage that tremendous pressure of being judged, evaluated, rejected, by so many ..!!

And it was not the rejection that used to make you feel bad – the fear of rejection, the uncertainty, peer pressure, family expectations, your own standards/expectations for yourself..
How stupid na? 😀

Its easier to look back and smile at it…
What I would have wanted at that time was a good talk from someone (stranger or close) to make sense of entire situation and prepare me well for it..

– It is definitely not the most or even one of the most important things to happen in your life :- It is just something unknown you are venturing into and how good you make out of it is completely individual dependent and not which company/city you land upto..
– What you get here is not forever, if you don’t like it – don’t worry it will soon be over… if you like it – keep doing it forever and try and love it 😀
– General perks – money, travel, laptop, AC, facilities, formal wear, etc are there in all of the companies..
– If you want something very specifically – like FMCG, Banks, Ecommerce nowadays, Ibanks – do not worry again, you will get it! Trust me, I got it and more just coz I kept trying!
– And seriously, seriously, oh please seriously – Life is about so much more, most importantly the kind of person you are before, during and after it.. Its about the hobbies you cultivate, the lifestyle you adopt, the kinds of people you come across, the places you travel, experiences you share…
– Plus life is about finding that greatest passion for which you live and are ready to die thinking … GO GET THAT PASSION..! And it could be money but better not be it..

I don’t know, how much help this was.. but this was a true confession after it has been more than 56 months of my experiencing it..


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