Why do sensitive/nice/polite people have to be the ones to suffer..?

I was watching this episode on Satyamev Jayate about fighting depression and as is human nature – we start keeping ourselves in their shoes!

One thing I will appreciate regarding Satyamev Jayate is that they select very idealistic examples for whom you really feel like crying and sharing their grief..

Coming to my experience of watching the TV show on depression, I started going back to the general thought line that everybody has a trauma, a reason to give up but how they don’t is important..
🙂 But let us ask is it that easy especially for the less literate, people living without families, mild natured, small town people, people not so fluent in English, socially or economically or physically weak…

Where is sensitivity..?? That’s what am trying to search here..

From my own example – I have myself been through these dark years where I used to be angry many times, irritated, doubting other’s intentions…
I used to feel people don’t understand me…
I do believe that was a certain kind of mental depression/illness that I was struggling with..
Distractions like movies, songs, shopping, chatting, going out, parties used to make me feel better…
So I started focusing on distractions more than the core issue itself..

However, it was during my stay on my own in Mumbai/Hubli/Delhi (as I started working) – I realised its important to address the core issue because distractions can only help you win the battle temporarily but to win the war – one has to win over oneself..

That’s when I started making peace with myself and started addressing issues be it the anger management, distracted attention span, anxiety, over analyzing, over thinking and even health…
Reading Geeta, Yoga practicing, Travelling + Clicking, letting go of unnecessary thoughts & people have really helped…!

I don’t think I have won the war yet but I have started battling it out in a peaceful and effective way 🙂

Thankfully, I had the resources, education, accessibility, awareness to understand & hence could overcome on my own…!
Others need your sensitivity, your touch, your consideration…

Please don’t be the one who pushes anybody over the edge…

Reach out.. don’t be wary!


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