Ultimate dream!

Kashmir house
Kashmir house


I live in a farmhouse (preferably near mountains…)

My husband, kids & I do organic farming there..
As a family, our day starts with Meditation & Yoga..

We read books there, share stories, play games & sports, do barbecue together..

We go shopping to city together..

In the night we gaze at stars and then fall off to sleep..

Our venture (sthg social, creative, digital b2c (ecommerce)..) is doing well..

My school as innovation centre has also taken off.. kids esp girl kids from all nooks and corners are coming there and becoming humans of another race altogether..
They think new, they create on their own but they believe in Love & helping each other.. They smile alot.. They love me and come and share everything with me..
My kids also study there only.. and are one of the groups..

Twice a year, we take vacation as couple, family, friends to explore different unseen locations in the world and do never tried things..

We are giving, loving, gentle people who want to live happily & fully and give back to society in best way possible..



All my trekking experiences…!!

First one… I think the Chitrakoot walk of 5-7km.. (May 1999) Naah, I didn’t enjoy it and ended up getting tired after initital 1-2 km.. Second one.. the proper one.. Manali to Rohtang Pass.. (May 2006) I remember again getting tired as soon as the hard climb part started.. The village walk, plateau trail was manageable and enjoyable.. Third one.. XL adventure sports time.. (Aug 2008) Did alot – cave walking, rafting, rappling, rock climbing.. But the run towards the end was memorable.. Fourth one.. the one towards one of the forts.. (June 2012) Again not so tough but got out of breath after 3-4 hours of climbing.. Fifth one.. baby trek with Shailesh & friends.. (September 2012) Since this one was full of lovely friends and not so tough.. Highly enjoyable.. Sixth one.. Lake walk in Spiti… Dhankar.. (Aug 2013) It was tough on the steep climb side else walking again was no problem.. I was first to reach while walking downwards :)) Seventh one and latest one.. Vichitragad Fort climb.. (Nov 2014) The most rocky & thorny one.. and the only time with night trek.. 2nd steep climb was tough and muscle breaking.. But feeling of pushing was amazing..! Overall I think, I enjoy it more when I do it with my loved ones and people who know me well and motivate me well.. And the sense of feel good lingers for a lonnggg time.. :)) Keep Calm!image

How I feel, life has unfolded itself recently to me..

Small realizations about the turns and twists your life is important.. Where I am workwise, I feel is a result of what I wanted to do + what I was good at doing – Something on lines of business & digital space, sthg that serves/reaches directly to customers (retail), sthg creative, company which has young people around & is not so structured (Read: rigid) about its treatment to employees.. Personal space wise : I am doing what I denoted doing : Travelling, photography, social interests, Yoga & meditation.. I have realized I have learnt to be happy no matter what, be more practical than emotional keeping the heart quotient open as and when required, stop caring about what others think, started looking after myself & home more.. As a person because of my overconcerned nature about myself & others – I used to have more closed relationships, tend to be over worried always.. However, lately (more due to reading Geeta, watching Mahabharat, doing Yoga and being closer to what I am – Yep Delhi stay helped..) I have started being more free and happy with 0 guilt.. Though I always feel, Life is about living it in a way that its an example for others to follow + for you to impact it in a positive way others’ lives..and create optimism around! But there’s nothing that says that this life is not meant for being Happy with 0 guilt.. πŸ™‚ So I accept this as my objective to achieve the ultimate goal of living a proud and happy life !! Will do.. Amen!

Your childhood defines the way you will be.. (hidden or obvious)

Today I was watching Manjunath movie and was quite taken aback by the rashness of the system..

Its not that I have not felt it earlier..
Infact, being from a premier b-school and getting into an industry (Steel) which is controlled by Govt., I had quite similar doubts,anxieties,anger,etc.

I remember feeling like a fool in front of these 1000Crore guys who would own an office on Marine Drive and also own us in a way..
They would expect us to do all the wrong stuff for them and toe their line.. especially us younger lot were nothing for them – just toys perhaps or maybe not even that..
Still I endured and when found no respect, decided to leave…

Manjunath was different – he decided to do the ultimate at the cost of his own life! Brave.. very brave..
And i don’t think it was foolish – it was his choice, we should respect it and try and ensure the goodness he left is continued in some or the other way..

Manjunath and other cases similar tell us that the childhood of ours, our upbringing, our parents, their words, values, their stories make our conscience. Be it righteous, strong, honest, hardworking or funny, loving, caring, music loving, responsible or escapist, opportunistic, embarrassed easily, coward, etc.

I don’t know exactly what all values I imbibed but honesty is something that I would live by till the very end..
Other which I can identify – self dependent, mature, responsible, family oriented, saving oriented, not materialistic, more home bound, lesser number of friends, humble, grounded..

These things are so simple yet so basic..

Today I was also thinking – I was 7 days late in due date (ya I troubled My Mom more) and perhaps all am trying to do with the rest of my life is to compensate that by being impatient πŸ™‚

Such things keep making you feel light and interested about the Life..!

Its been a busy time Diwali onwards – though only work & Yoga taking my time..

I was just chking the views option and have found that they have decreased over the past one month – main reason being I have written very few posts in this last month!
Reason being – I had not much thoughts to share as I was focusing mainly on my work and health.. and I think this is how it is going to be from now on. Health shall be my priority going anywhere, doing anything.
Daily practicing Yoga – Twice for 20min at least is what I aim to be and to do.

Coming to other things – work is going on, lots keep happening as the industry is very dynamic. There are alot of things to focus in a limited time & with limited resources.
The results of each activity can be well digressed into.

Am going to Mumbai this week and quite looking forward to meeting a few old friends of mine..
The photographers lot somehow are quite close as we feel similarly towards Life – its no good without travel, friends and clicking πŸ™‚

On other things, my silly fascination for Arjun-Draupadi couple keeps the girly side of me alive..
Am buying alot of accessories, make up items thanks to a new cousin of mine..
Also I have realized I make the continental stuff – salads, sandwiches, brochette, stir – fry, egg items quite well..
The Indian stuff is only edible..

I didn’t get any clicking opportunity in last one week – that is the only thing I would like to do more..

Am very sure & confident – all this is taking me towards something bigger and important..

Neerja Bhanot… a heart felt salute !

1175141_630413740344426_440865954_n 31812_112564298788226_2567022_n

You shall be definitely one of those I would wanna meet when I come up there! One day we all have to.. how honourably we live, what difference we make towards lives of others.. how well we live is most important!
You did your bit extremely well – equally or better than Bhagat Singh or Gandhiji if I might say..

Courage, Commitment & Compassion – the 3 words companies/institutions try to imbibe for hundreds of years! You showed in a span of 17 hours…

There have been heroes before/after you but none I can recall have lived the way you did and has made me think so much – wonderful student, daughter, sister and above all a committed professional..
In short everything, middle class girls like me aspire to be and become.. but do we go to the extent to ensure we cover that extra mile..
I hope I do when the moment calls for it.. in wisdom and righteousness..

Am sorry that I was ignorant about your achievements till now..
How minuscule my life appears after seeing your mammoth achievements..
You did what only heroes or rather superheroes do..
(4 points – cautioning the pilots, being a calm mind to take care of passengers, presence of mind to hide american passports, when they open fired – you made way for people to rush out and died saving 3 young kids!)

Comparing what have I done in my professional life so far – tried to give my best to help customers, distributors out, earn crores for my company, tried to develop digital solutions..Tried to come out as a compassionate person..
But I have not done something outstanding….!

God is fair, Life is zero sum game to ensure we get what we deserve! Am sure you got and will get more than you deserve..!


My piece of advice for the people seeking campus placements..!

I was an emotional wreck.. one of the worsts when it came to facing campus placements..I just couldn’t manageΒ that tremendous pressure of being judged, evaluated, rejected, by so many ..!!

And it was not the rejection that used to make you feel bad – the fear of rejection, the uncertainty, peer pressure, family expectations, your own standards/expectations for yourself..
How stupid na? πŸ˜€

Its easier to look back and smile at it…
What I would have wanted at that time was a good talk from someone (stranger or close) to make sense of entire situation and prepare me well for it..

– It is definitely not the most or even one of the most important things to happen in your life :- It is just something unknown you are venturing into and how good you make out of it is completely individual dependent and not which company/city you land upto..
– What you get here is not forever, if you don’t like it – don’t worry it will soon be over… if you like it – keep doing it forever and try and love it πŸ˜€
– General perks – money, travel, laptop, AC, facilities, formal wear, etc are there in all of the companies..
– If you want something very specifically – like FMCG, Banks, Ecommerce nowadays, Ibanks – do not worry again, you will get it! Trust me, I got it and more just coz I kept trying!
– And seriously, seriously, oh please seriously – Life is about so much more, most importantly the kind of person you are before, during and after it.. Its about the hobbies you cultivate, the lifestyle you adopt, the kinds of people you come across, the places you travel, experiences you share…
– Plus life is about finding that greatest passion for which you live and are ready to die thinking … GO GET THAT PASSION..! And it could be money but better not be it..

I don’t know, how much help this was.. but this was a true confession after it has been more than 56 months of my experiencing it..

Why do sensitive/nice/polite people have to be the ones to suffer..?

I was watching this episode on Satyamev Jayate about fighting depression and as is human nature – we start keeping ourselves in their shoes!

One thing I will appreciate regarding Satyamev Jayate is that they select very idealistic examples for whom you really feel like crying and sharing their grief..

Coming to my experience of watching the TV show on depression, I started going back to the general thought line that everybody has a trauma, a reason to give up but how they don’t is important..
πŸ™‚ But let us ask is it that easy especially for the less literate, people living without families, mild natured, small town people, people not so fluent in English, socially or economically or physically weak…

Where is sensitivity..?? That’s what am trying to search here..

From my own example – I have myself been through these dark years where I used to be angry many times, irritated, doubting other’s intentions…
I used to feel people don’t understand me…
I do believe that was a certain kind of mental depression/illness that I was struggling with..
Distractions like movies, songs, shopping, chatting, going out, parties used to make me feel better…
So I started focusing on distractions more than the core issue itself..

However, it was during my stay on my own in Mumbai/Hubli/Delhi (as I started working) – I realised its important to address the core issue because distractions can only help you win the battle temporarily but to win the war – one has to win over oneself..

That’s when I started making peace with myself and started addressing issues be it the anger management, distracted attention span, anxiety, over analyzing, over thinking and even health…
Reading Geeta, Yoga practicing, Travelling + Clicking, letting go of unnecessary thoughts & people have really helped…!

I don’t think I have won the war yet but I have started battling it out in a peaceful and effective way πŸ™‚

Thankfully, I had the resources, education, accessibility, awareness to understand & hence could overcome on my own…!
Others need your sensitivity, your touch, your consideration…

Please don’t be the one who pushes anybody over the edge…

Reach out.. don’t be wary!

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