Be a charmer.. all your life..!

This is something I live by.. to try and impress everyone and be in their good books.. However with time I have started making this obvious to selective people only.. (Not knowingly though..)

I always feel, I have a good first impression on most of the people in terms of meaning business, talking sense, confident, in control..
But it sometimes happens that it all doesn’t turn out all well in the end.. I think it has to do with expectations that others build about me, even I have spoilt relationships in the past on the basis of my set of expectations with them..

But still I feel, it is important to win over people effortlessly.. like how kids do simply by being themselves..
Its important however to do the basics :
– be dressed well – appear well, comfortable..
– speak less, be a good listener..
– try to appear interested, attentive, appreciative of others..
– smile frequently..
– be a good storyteller.. with whatever time you get to speak..
– have a wide varied interests and be updated with what is happening around..

This is something I have picked up from Arjuna, Draupadi, Krishna who all were able to win over whoever they met wherever..
More power to everyone..!

Just sharing here one pic I clicked today – in memory of another charmer (Humayun The Emperor)



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