Weak Moments..

I think they come and go..
When they come you feel weak.. ofcourse 😀 (Duh!) and vulnerable, unfortunate, loser, etc. [Basically all that you should not be feeling normally..]

But when they go..you feel stupid enough to feel something like this.. you tell yourself please don’t ever think like this again.. Focus on the right & be strong 🙂

That’s true.. and we do try and be the best we can to sail through every moment like a winner! But it is also important to LIVE every moment as it is..
Open the mysteries of Life in its most beautiful form..
Exhilarate at every WOW moment..
Giggle at everything silly..
Smile at the innocent..
Support the weaker..
Raise your voice when you see something wrong..
Be humble..polite..smiling & non expecting.. 🙂 (How much can I thank Naush for saying this again & again..)
Be creative…
Travel..meet new people… try different cuisines.. experience different cultures.. !!

Let us keep taking right steps towards being honest to ourselves so justice is done..!


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