I so Love Mahabharat & Mahabharat 2013…and I miss its presence so much!

I think this is the truth.. I just feel so much of its presence in my life esp from Jan – present.. as I wrote in a previous blog about how most of my time has gone into it..

Right now, am still reeling under its after effects – where am watching repeat telecast, trying to implement the learnings in current life.. appreciating the details, characters, actors, trying to follow their lives after the serial has ended, wishing for good things for them.. trying to say connected with audience who also loved it, trying to find new meanings everyday.. 🙂 am totally & completely besotted by the serial..

The way it spoke to me was like a true friend, mentor, family person shall – patiently explaining me the meanings in a grandeur pleasant way – it had so many of its moments which made me feel complete..
It made me feel & believe in things I should & always wanted to.. It gave me alot of clarity in life that I needed..
– Karma kar phal ki ikchha nahi..
– Kyon Vyarth Chinta Karte Ho? Kisse Vyarth Darte ho?Kaun tumhe maar sakta hai? Aatma na paida hotee hai, Na marti hai!
– Jo Hua, Vah accha hua, Jo ho raha hai, Vah accha ho raha hai! Jo hoga, Vah bhee accha hee hoga! Tum bhoot ka Paschyataap NA Karo! Na bhavishya kee chinta karo! Vartmaan chal Raha hai!

  • Always ask – “Who am I?”
  • Life = Dharm has 5 pillars – knowledge- gyan, dedication/honesty – samarpan , love- prem, justice- nyay, patience – dheeraj…
    knowledge – brain, love – heart, dedication – body, justice – soul, patience – Man (wants/desires)
  • Having control over all your senses shall make you a true winner…!!
  • Never have pride over anything – not even your goodness, humbleness..

Hare Krishna!!


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