Important to not let your focus deter..

Its important that now at the age of 28, I have accepted the fact that what others do, think and make of their lives is none of your concern, not in your control and definitely not your Karma!
Focus on yourself, your Karma & Dharma!

This does not mean you become self centred, absolutely not. Helping others, being polite, honest to others is also your Karma and you are doing your duty towards the world by just being yourself.

As finding a partner is a question mark right now – I feel I don’t need to look at others around me for motivation, justification.
I need to focus on what I want and prepare myself accordingly for that. Getting married has been a thought with me since a kid and that also in the best possible way. Finding an ideal life partner who fulfills my criteria has to happen as I have been honest to myself as well as around about it.

I think I want a partner who lets me be and accepts what I am.. supports me, bears with me and is patient. He should be achievement oriented, good hearted, bent towards social welfare, family loving and a nice guy to see and meet…

Rest as Allah does shall be acceptable to me.. am sure he has good plans for me 🙂 xoxo..


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