Fantastic Day @ Work … Mazaa aa gaya..! Bhai wah.. :)

Ecommerce is an exciting place to be.. so we keep hearing and reading about in newspapers.. They have funny, interesting, competitive tales to tell and most importantly new stories to tell on an everyday basis..

So when I started working with Snapdeal, I was hoping it will be an exciting place to be..with new, young people, creative ideas..

6th october 2014 i.e. today proved to be that one day where I got to experience all of that and alot more thanks to the hooplah created by flipkart around bigbillionday!! What a sham they created for themselves and an awesome opportunity for us and Amazon 🙂 Flipkart is great that ways – very magnanimous with its marketing. It helps others more with it than themselves 🙂

Day started around 6AM and it was all bang bang from there in terms of offers, product varieties, gross value earning per hour, products sold every hour, etc. etc.
What is being done by Myntra, what is being done by Jabong, What is Amazon planning..!!

By 9AM it was clear that we are doing something right…by 11 AM, it was clear that Flipkart site was not working plus most of the items were out of stock.. social media was buzz with Flopkart, it being another CAG scam, etc. etc.
By afternoon, we understood that we are winning and Amazon is benefitting too.. Flipkart stopped its offers by 3pm and then we soared even better…

By the end of day, we had done fantastically well however we also heard from media that Flipkart did similar numbers (hard to believe) but we do wonder if Flipkart planned this sale for us or themselves 😛
(Their inventory management team definitely needs a wake up call :P)


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