Nostalgia… (Missing Bombay & My Family..)

Last night and today are proving to be quite empty days..

Not that empty days are not good…After having alot of action oriented days, its good to take a break in between and re-organize your thoughts..

The last few days after resigning from Airtel have been great (close to two months) – Family was here, I was reading Geeta, doing Yoga, Planning for a new Job..
And prospects of a new job as well as the first few days have been great – I see myself enjoying the independence and ownership, young, creative, vibrant atmosphere.. Possibility of rising quickly and making myself a valuable resource..
Quite alot of action and possibility of a great action oriented life…

Now the time is to move in this direction of startup role that I have taken and make something great out of it…Along with I also need to plan on doing something of my own, exec MBA, travel plans of Europe & Australia… making a great body, mind, soul – staying +ve always & following Geeta gyan..

Just it is good and sweet to admit in between how you miss the good days of past especially the Mumbai days when I was truely on my own and had alot of time on my hands which I put to maximum use.. Salsa, clicking around, exploring around, eating at new places… NGOs.. did so much and so much 🙂 Good days !

However as decided, now time is to make something great out of my life and pursue the direction taken wholeheartedly, with dedication, courage, optimism!

Let God be there with the strongest..!


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