Be a charmer.. all your life..!

This is something I live by.. to try and impress everyone and be in their good books.. However with time I have started making this obvious to selective people only.. (Not knowingly though..)

I always feel, I have a good first impression on most of the people in terms of meaning business, talking sense, confident, in control..
But it sometimes happens that it all doesn’t turn out all well in the end.. I think it has to do with expectations that others build about me, even I have spoilt relationships in the past on the basis of my set of expectations with them..

But still I feel, it is important to win over people effortlessly.. like how kids do simply by being themselves..
Its important however to do the basics :
– be dressed well – appear well, comfortable..
– speak less, be a good listener..
– try to appear interested, attentive, appreciative of others..
– smile frequently..
– be a good storyteller.. with whatever time you get to speak..
– have a wide varied interests and be updated with what is happening around..

This is something I have picked up from Arjuna, Draupadi, Krishna who all were able to win over whoever they met wherever..
More power to everyone..!

Just sharing here one pic I clicked today – in memory of another charmer (Humayun The Emperor)



I so Love Mahabharat & Mahabharat 2013…and I miss its presence so much!

I think this is the truth.. I just feel so much of its presence in my life esp from Jan – present.. as I wrote in a previous blog about how most of my time has gone into it..

Right now, am still reeling under its after effects – where am watching repeat telecast, trying to implement the learnings in current life.. appreciating the details, characters, actors, trying to follow their lives after the serial has ended, wishing for good things for them.. trying to say connected with audience who also loved it, trying to find new meanings everyday.. 🙂 am totally & completely besotted by the serial..

The way it spoke to me was like a true friend, mentor, family person shall – patiently explaining me the meanings in a grandeur pleasant way – it had so many of its moments which made me feel complete..
It made me feel & believe in things I should & always wanted to.. It gave me alot of clarity in life that I needed..
– Karma kar phal ki ikchha nahi..
– Kyon Vyarth Chinta Karte Ho? Kisse Vyarth Darte ho?Kaun tumhe maar sakta hai? Aatma na paida hotee hai, Na marti hai!
– Jo Hua, Vah accha hua, Jo ho raha hai, Vah accha ho raha hai! Jo hoga, Vah bhee accha hee hoga! Tum bhoot ka Paschyataap NA Karo! Na bhavishya kee chinta karo! Vartmaan chal Raha hai!

  • Always ask – “Who am I?”
  • Life = Dharm has 5 pillars – knowledge- gyan, dedication/honesty – samarpan , love- prem, justice- nyay, patience – dheeraj…
    knowledge – brain, love – heart, dedication – body, justice – soul, patience – Man (wants/desires)
  • Having control over all your senses shall make you a true winner…!!
  • Never have pride over anything – not even your goodness, humbleness..

Hare Krishna!!

Weak Moments..

I think they come and go..
When they come you feel weak.. ofcourse 😀 (Duh!) and vulnerable, unfortunate, loser, etc. [Basically all that you should not be feeling normally..]

But when they feel stupid enough to feel something like this.. you tell yourself please don’t ever think like this again.. Focus on the right & be strong 🙂

That’s true.. and we do try and be the best we can to sail through every moment like a winner! But it is also important to LIVE every moment as it is..
Open the mysteries of Life in its most beautiful form..
Exhilarate at every WOW moment..
Giggle at everything silly..
Smile at the innocent..
Support the weaker..
Raise your voice when you see something wrong..
Be humble..polite..smiling & non expecting.. 🙂 (How much can I thank Naush for saying this again & again..)
Be creative… new people… try different cuisines.. experience different cultures.. !!

Let us keep taking right steps towards being honest to ourselves so justice is done..!

Important to not let your focus deter..

Its important that now at the age of 28, I have accepted the fact that what others do, think and make of their lives is none of your concern, not in your control and definitely not your Karma!
Focus on yourself, your Karma & Dharma!

This does not mean you become self centred, absolutely not. Helping others, being polite, honest to others is also your Karma and you are doing your duty towards the world by just being yourself.

As finding a partner is a question mark right now – I feel I don’t need to look at others around me for motivation, justification.
I need to focus on what I want and prepare myself accordingly for that. Getting married has been a thought with me since a kid and that also in the best possible way. Finding an ideal life partner who fulfills my criteria has to happen as I have been honest to myself as well as around about it.

I think I want a partner who lets me be and accepts what I am.. supports me, bears with me and is patient. He should be achievement oriented, good hearted, bent towards social welfare, family loving and a nice guy to see and meet…

Rest as Allah does shall be acceptable to me.. am sure he has good plans for me 🙂 xoxo..

Sales Discipline….

its not very frequently that I praise myself.. but this is one thing that has been ingrained into me and I am extremely proud of…

I think sales discipline is the biggest quality in a working professional.. you see, we all do sales in some or the other way for internal or external professionals..

Sales discipline comprises of checking numbers on daily numbers – interpreting them right, making sense out of it, discussing with your team, planning next action and executing them well..
It comprises of doing same thing again and again..and bettering every instance.. setting milestones..

It means becoming more consistent, more effective with time and making sure you have a plan to achieve the impossible…

Fantastic Day @ Work … Mazaa aa gaya..! Bhai wah.. :)

Ecommerce is an exciting place to be.. so we keep hearing and reading about in newspapers.. They have funny, interesting, competitive tales to tell and most importantly new stories to tell on an everyday basis..

So when I started working with Snapdeal, I was hoping it will be an exciting place to be..with new, young people, creative ideas..

6th october 2014 i.e. today proved to be that one day where I got to experience all of that and alot more thanks to the hooplah created by flipkart around bigbillionday!! What a sham they created for themselves and an awesome opportunity for us and Amazon 🙂 Flipkart is great that ways – very magnanimous with its marketing. It helps others more with it than themselves 🙂

Day started around 6AM and it was all bang bang from there in terms of offers, product varieties, gross value earning per hour, products sold every hour, etc. etc.
What is being done by Myntra, what is being done by Jabong, What is Amazon planning..!!

By 9AM it was clear that we are doing something right…by 11 AM, it was clear that Flipkart site was not working plus most of the items were out of stock.. social media was buzz with Flopkart, it being another CAG scam, etc. etc.
By afternoon, we understood that we are winning and Amazon is benefitting too.. Flipkart stopped its offers by 3pm and then we soared even better…

By the end of day, we had done fantastically well however we also heard from media that Flipkart did similar numbers (hard to believe) but we do wonder if Flipkart planned this sale for us or themselves 😛
(Their inventory management team definitely needs a wake up call :P)

Nostalgia… (Missing Bombay & My Family..)

Last night and today are proving to be quite empty days..

Not that empty days are not good…After having alot of action oriented days, its good to take a break in between and re-organize your thoughts..

The last few days after resigning from Airtel have been great (close to two months) – Family was here, I was reading Geeta, doing Yoga, Planning for a new Job..
And prospects of a new job as well as the first few days have been great – I see myself enjoying the independence and ownership, young, creative, vibrant atmosphere.. Possibility of rising quickly and making myself a valuable resource..
Quite alot of action and possibility of a great action oriented life…

Now the time is to move in this direction of startup role that I have taken and make something great out of it…Along with I also need to plan on doing something of my own, exec MBA, travel plans of Europe & Australia… making a great body, mind, soul – staying +ve always & following Geeta gyan..

Just it is good and sweet to admit in between how you miss the good days of past especially the Mumbai days when I was truely on my own and had alot of time on my hands which I put to maximum use.. Salsa, clicking around, exploring around, eating at new places… NGOs.. did so much and so much 🙂 Good days !

However as decided, now time is to make something great out of my life and pursue the direction taken wholeheartedly, with dedication, courage, optimism!

Let God be there with the strongest..!

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